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Sep 2007
Sheffield, UK
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Originally Posted by rmck1
I'm paying about €1.20 a litre which is about $7.10 per US gallon...

And try asking Orfy it's even more expensive in the UK...
If I've done the sums right, I think we're paying $8.08 per US gallon at the moment.

$3.59 a gallon... man, that would rock.
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I think once the oil gets to about 200-300 per barrel the US might shift its ideals to better resources.

But then again we will make the rest of the world go hungry by using their food to produce ethanol......

sigh... How do we keep voting these idiots in? I sure as hell am not voting for them
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Mar 2007
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Ill never complain about oil prices. What we pay is not bad at all, compared to other parts of the world. People that complain about prices should see how much it cost to drill a well. Not including the fact that if a dry hole is drilled how much a oil company loses.

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Sep 2007
Old Bridge, NJ
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A-holes, you jinxed me. It was $3.07 in central Jersey yesterday, this morning it was between $3.13 and $3.19. WTF!?

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Aug 2006
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Compared to the rest of the world, our gas has been held artificially low for a very long time. It's like I was saying the other day at lunch...there's only one way that alternative fuel technology is ever going to become a reality en masse, and that is through the market. And as long as we have cheap fossil fuel, there's no incentive for the market to investigate and develop alternatives. But when gas prices start to approach a point where it's actually hitting the pockets of the consumer, the pressure to develop alternatives becomes greater.

If you ask me, it's a good thing. But then, I live 3 minutes from my office.
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Cheapest place around here is Costco for $3.35 as of two day ago. I guarantee that by the end of this thread we'll be in a big debate about why prices are the way they are, but I still think it's because the oil companies are making a killing off of us (40billion dollar PROFITS), we are still content paying over 3 bucks a gallon, and not changing our driving habit or the types of vehicles we drive, and because oil is a traded commodity, and most of the price increase is caused by speculation and not anything tangible.

I really feel for some of you overseas guys, and really don't know how you even afford to go anywhere. I'm guessing you have more fuel efficient vehicles and probably use more diesel?

For some of us with decent jobs, gas prices aren't really killing us even though we bitxh about them, but it's really affecting low income people, independent truck drivers, and it's driving up the price of everything else we buy.
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Aug 2006
Horsham, PA, Pennsylvania
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I think I paid like $3.30 this week. It seems the per gallon amount has a larger swing amount day to day than I have ever remembered before. There is a 25-35 cent window that the prices seem to fall between.

like was said before, my family is not in a paycheck to paycheck situation currently, so the gas prices do not really dictate too much for me now. However, I can only imagine the havoc it can cause for people just getting by, or even worse. Plus there is the effect it has on the prices of all our goods and consumables... We are talking gasoline here; once you jump into diesel, you are talking crazy. The truckers are the ones taking the biggest hit, still less than other parts of the world, but it does effect our market at a higher rate than the impact of our (commuter) wallets at the pump.

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Jul 2006
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I paid $3.47 yesterday for regular. My 1998 Saturn is getting more and more usage.

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Sep 2007
El Cajon
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Just filled up in El Cajon, Ca yesterday and paid $3.75 a gal. Be thankful for the US Gov giving that 15 billion to the oils guys otherwise they would have to raise the pump prices to make up the difference.
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Jan 2008
Burien, WA
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I have to say that I have changed my driving habits drastically. I now have I bicycle that I ride around for neighborhood errands and I have been taking buses to work. It also helps that here in Burien, almost everything that I need is within 1.5 miles. The only time I take the car now is when I am hauling back stuff too big to carry.

And with gas about $3.50 a gal. here I feel that I will be able to put more food on the table and more brewing equipment in the basement.
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