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Mar 2008
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Ive brewed a few batches of ales recently and regardless where I store the carboys, it gets pretty warm. I live in Southern California. It's pretty warm, especially lately and it's getting warmer. Unless I crank up the AC all day, i cant get my house much lower than 75. The thermometers on my carboys are reading around 73-74 degrees and I just caught it at 76 degrees.

I know it should be kept around 70. Are my temps too high?

Thanks in advance.

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I would say they are to high. You may have to go with a water and ice bath to lower the temp. Try to ferment in the mid 60's. Maybe something like this will help >>

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Definitely too high for most yeasts. You need some form of active cooling, be it ice or an evaporator.
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Or get some yeast that deals better with high temps (Belgian).
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Originally Posted by Blender
I would say they are to high. You may have to go with a water and ice bath to lower the temp. Try to ferment in the mid 60's. Maybe something like this will help >>

I did one of these things and it is working great for me.
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I used to have troubles with fermentations getting too warm as well. A cooler with water and some frozen water bottles help keep your carboy cool. I also throw a few heavy blankets over the top and I can maintain ~65deg with 80deg ambient temps.
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I built a son of fermentation chiller and it works great. I built mine to hold two carboys side by side. I ferment my ales at 64 deg. and once the beer stableizes at this temp the fan hardly runs. I switch frozen water bottles every other day and there's still ice in the bottles that I pull out. Another benefit is that you don't have to worry about light affecting your beer.

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