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Jan 2007
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I'm finally brewing again, yeah! Since my last batch, over a year ago, I've upgraded my system and have dove head first into all grain. I have an Alaskan amber clone brewed with some Hugh Baird in ferment at the moment and I'll be brewing a Kolsch this weekend. I'm thinking I'd like a clear product, especially the Kolsch. I'm considering a plate filter; for about $100.00 I'd have a complete set up. I'm not sure I want to introduce another step in the process. It's a lot of work as is, but, of course, a labor of love. How many of my homebrewing brothers bother with filtering?

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I have one I have never used yet. I have not seen a reason to as I let my beers sit in the keg a few days and they are remarkably clear.

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Oct 2007
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I've found a bit of irish moss in the brew kettle and a week to cold crash a beer makes most my beers nice and clear. Not as clear as a sam adams but as clear if not clearer than some of the micro brews I've tried.

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Not many of us do any filtering at all. Almost all beer will drop clear if given enough time. I've been thinking about filtering lately as a cure for my impatience, but I'm going to go with a simple, cheap household sediment filter with an element somewhere between 2 and 5 microns. Or I may just keep waiting.
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Denny's Evil Concoctions
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I use two household filter housings with $40 absolute filters in them. One is a 2.5 and the other a .3 (though a .45 or 1 micron works great).

I get mine from http://beerandwinefilter.com
My 2.5 is a Amazon Supapore PPG 2.5 micron. Can't remember who made the other one, I've had it for 2 years now.

You can back flush these with hot water then soak 'em in oxyclean and they come out as good as new!

Of course you have to force carb so you need a kegging system.
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As many have said ...... if you let it sit at 34F to 38F a few days it will become really clear. Use finings in the last 15 minutes of the boil. This helps to prevent all kinds of solids in the beer which cause haze. I use Whirlfloc tablets which are available at www.morebeer.com.

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I don't even use finings anymore. Everything in the keg ends up crystal clear after a few weeks.
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Well, if you're planning on strictly bottling, you can filter for clearer homebrew. But if you're bottle conditioning, you don't want to strip out the yeast so you don't want too small a filter.

If you want to bottle from a keg, though, as the others said, you get clear force-carbonated beer without filtering. I've been doing that, and been very happy with it.
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mr x
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I used to use gelatin, but rarely do that anymore. I let it sit in the keg for a month, and it's very clear after the first couple of pints.
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Dec 2006
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I don't really see the need for filtering. Between kettle finings, letting the beer sit long enough in the carboy and/or cold crashing I find that the sediment layer in the bottle is generally thin and compact enough to easily decant the beer with out disturbing it.

Back when I would rush beer into the bottle, it was a different story.

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