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Jan 2008
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I am working up a recipe for a Wit with 60% Pilsner, 35% unmalted wheat, and 5% oats, but I am running into some confusion over the benefits/use of torrefied versus regular unmalted wheat.
Beersmith states:
"Unmodified wheat that has been "popped" to open the kernels
Used primarily in place of raw wheat when making Belgian White and Wit
Faster conversion and higher yield than raw wheat
Protein rest recommended when mashing."

My recipe currently calls for a cereal mash of soft white unmalted wheat with oats and a portion of the pilsner.
Can I forgo the cereal mash for a stepped temperature mash if I use torrefied wheat?
Additionally, if the torrefied let's me skip the cereal mash, what type of oats should I use?
Is there a taste difference between the torrefied and regular unmalted wheats?

My planned mash schedule is:
100F (15 min) beta glucanase rest, 122F (15 min) protein rest, 154F (45 min) sacch rest, 168F (10 min) mash out.

Should I increase the temperature of the protein rest if I use the oats without a cereal mash?

Basically, I am looking for some advice and recommendations on using unmalted wheat and oats.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Ive done a wheat beer with 60% unmalted wheat. What i do is cook the wheat in a double boiler for a hour then ad it to the mash turn bring it down to 120 deg then add 1oz enzimes for 40 min. after that i go up to 150 deg. and add 20% six row and 20% malted wheat for a hour sparge out at 170 deg. makes a realy good brew.

So i know your asking your self why in the world would i use 60% unmalted wheat. Well my local brew shop has a bad case of cranium rectum inpact syndrome. There out of every thing all the time. i orderd a 50lb bag of 2 row pale at a price of 74 dollars ya i know extortion. its been 6 weeks and its still not hear. So i have to get creative this week im doing a oat beer with feed grad oats lol might be ok we will see.

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Torrefied and flaked/rolled unmalted grains have been gelatinized (making their starches available for enzymatic action) so they do not need the cereal mash. So for your step mash you would need oats that have been gelatinized (I just use Quaker oats).
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Torrified will be easier to work with and afford you to forgo the cereal mash. I think using torrified in the mash schedule you have there would be ideal, and you will likely get better efficiency that if using raw wheat.

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