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Old 02-20-2006, 07:59 PM   #1
Lubbock Brew
Jan 2006
Lubbock, TX
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Hey guys, I am fixin to move my first batch from secondary to the corny keg. I have a few questions.

First thing is first. I have found several (say maybe 10 or so) little whitish dots on the surface of my brew. They are maybe the size of a pin head. Very small but they resemble mold. Is my beer gone to **** or what? I've been pretty good about keeping it in a dark place, and it's been cold since our heater is out..usually around 68*. What should I do? Remove them and keep drinking or what?

Second, I am about to rack to the corny keg. I've got everything sanatized and everything but I have a quick question.

So I move the beer to the keg. Put the lid on, seal it. Then attach the gas line and purge the keg a few times to get all teh oxygen out right? Then is it okay to just put in the fridge? Also, I was planning on force carbonating, do I need some kind of airstone for this or can I just hook up the beer gas to the keg and wait?
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Jul 2005
Pendleton, SC USA
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I saw the same "mold" about a month ago in secondary. As the others will tell (they told me), relax its just the yeast finishing up. You'll be fine. Mine ended up being my best yet - a stout that is very very good.

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Jan 2005
Omaha, Nebraska
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How does it taste? If it tastes ok then I bet it's ok.


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Jan 2006
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Originally Posted by loopmd
How does it taste? If it tastes ok then I bet it's ok.

Always taste your beer at every stage to see how it is coming along. By now it should start to taste like un carbonated beer, if it tastes like crap then it is mold. But its more than likely just the yeast finishing up.
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Aug 2005
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Just like the others said: It is a small yeast colony having their last party for the season. Dont worry, all is well.
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