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Apr 2008
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I'm from Missouri, and around here, people really like boulevard. It's not the most popular, but regardless is held in high regards. I honestly enjoy all their beers, especially Boulevard Wheat on tap, but I don't have that refined taste that homebrewers gain over the years. What do you think, what's your favorite?

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Sep 2007
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I had a fair bit of Boulevard when I was in Nebraska. I liked the Wheat and the Pale Ale. I had a couple of other beers (I forget which) and they were OK too. I'd happily drink their beers again.
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Oct 2006
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Not a huge fan of their beers but the Bully Porter is fantastic. The Smokestack series of beers is decent. Overall I find their beers drinkable but nothing special, no distinguishing flavor or charecteristic. Just the same 'ol beers you could go to any brewery and have.

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I agree. Their beers are solid, but nothing exceptional. There is nothing wrong with that, and I am glad they are doing as well as they are.

I've always enjoyed them when we have gone to Kansas City to visit the in-laws. However, now that the in-laws are moving down here, I may have had my last Boulevard for a while.

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Sep 2007
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I had the Pale Ale and the Stout on a trip to Kansas City a few weeks ago. Pale ale was decent, but as others have said, nothing particularly memorable about it. The stout was not to my taste, and when I asked the bartender if it was on a nitro pour (it was SUPER creamy seeming), all I got was a blank look.

Regardless, it was better than drinking BMC and at least it was something local to try.

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Mar 2007
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Originally Posted by dblvsn
Not a huge fan of their beers but the Bully Porter is fantastic. Overall I find their beers drinkable but nothing special, no distinguishing flavor or charecteristic. Just the same 'ol beers you could go to any brewery and have.
Exactly. The Bully Porter is the only one of their beers that I'd be psyched to drink. The rest are just OK.
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I was in Ottawa Kansas on buisness a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed it. The local Applebees had the wheat on tap. Considering I went to the local stores and couldnt find anything better than a Coronoa. Our flight home was delayed for 3 hours so we sat in the Boulevard bar at KSC and blew a days perdiem. It was certainly better than anything else they had on tap.
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Jan 2008
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I agree with most of what's been said. I really like their pale ale, but the porter is my least favorite of their offerings. The smokestack series is really nice, and I also like the lunar ale, irish ale, zon, and nutcracker.

Unfortunately in most places all you can get is the wheat on tap which is pretty blah IMO.

I don't buy their stuff very often unfortunately because of the twist off bottles.

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Old 04-14-2008, 04:32 PM   #9

I've alwasy really liked their beers. The Bully Porter being my favorite, followed by the Irish Ale, the Nutcracker in winter and Zon in Summer.

I first had one of their beers as part of a sampler I got when I had a subscription to Beer Across America fifteen years ago. A year later I went on a trip to KCMO and tried just about everything they offered at the time! Back then, good beer was more of an exception than the rule in the Midwest. Goose Island was just a small brewpub back then and many of the Midwestern breweries you think of today - Great Lakes, Bell's, New Glarus, Sprecher, Two Brothers - either didn't exist yet or weren't selling in my area yet. Summit and Blvd. are very similar to me, and not just b/c they both use squatty twist off bottles.

Because of that memory, Blvd. has always had a soft spot in my heart. I always stock up on their beers when I'm in MO, b/c you still can't get them in Chicago.

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Dec 2007
Springfield, IL
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I am very in to their Irish Ale while it is season. Our distributors must have been pushing it around here because we can reliably get the Pale Ale and often the wheat or stout in our local restaurants.

I like to buy them for home consumption even though I can't use their bottles.

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