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Broken Robot Brewing Co.
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Ignore me. I'm a RIS gnome, just bumping this thread. Some people, see, have the forum to not show posts older than 1 month. This leads to them thinking that their post was deleted - when in fact, it is just hiding from them. Just like this RIS gnome is hiding from you.

missing: paulthenurse,evets

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Mea culpa, mea culpa mea, maxuma culpa. I didn't post your review even when you asked and I promised. Yes, I am an ass.

The good news is that I am an ass that still had one of your brews hanging out in my wine rack, adorned with the red wax and a little plastic goat. So I just ran down stairs and grabbed it and poured it into my favorite glass. Cellar temp 52 degrees. (It's colder that my ex's heart here in Mass tonight.)

Appearance: An inky black pour with a thick, thick, thick chocolate mouse head that grabs onto the glass and won't let go. A nice train of very tiny bubbles up the side of the glass. Hints of dark red in the color. Very nice. 3/3

Aroma: Sweet molasses and very ripe dark fruit. Has a compost and leather component that is very nice. Restrained hop presence, if it is even there at all. No alcohol nose hit. 9/12

Flavor: Nice, up front coffee, chocolate and roasted barley. Bitterness really comes thru on the mid pallete. Very nice. 16/20

Mouthfeel: Silky smooth with a CO2 presence at first that I found very nice. Those tiny bubbles are dancing on the end of my tongue, I wish I could make my champagnes have that bubble feel. (That was my thought when I first poured the glass, by the time I got to writing this part of the eval the tiny bubbles went the way of tiny bubbles and it settled into what you would expect a stout to taste/feel like. I like it. 5/5

Overall: Very nice. I shared the first bottle of this at a bathering of Mass brewers at my place shortly after recieving it and it was roundly applauded. I must confess to not remembering when I drank the second bottle, sorry sometimes that ol' ethanol gets the better of me and I do things I shouldn't. But I'm glad I still had the last bottle to write your eval. 8/10

41/50 Kudo's. Well done

SWMBO just got home after her office party. I gave her a taste and she agrees that it is very nice, "That's really good! Nice chocolate taste. When did you start putting wax on bottles? And if you used my cheese wax I'm going to kill you."

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Oct 2008
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I live in san diego and I know there is a ton of local brewers. I'd love to meet some exchange brews, info, recipes, philosfy, etc.[CODE][/CODE

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Old 12-04-2008, 04:59 AM   #14
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Thanks Paul, I am recalling that I did two protein rests, both about 45 minutes, but my brew log is several thousand miles from here.

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Old 03-14-2009, 11:26 PM   #15
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Just had my last bottle of this. The harsh roastiness has mellowed considerably. The beer is much more drinkable now, and quite delicious. A wee tad dry IMO, but a dynamite beer.

Thanks again

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