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Feb 2008
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Iíve read on here that hefeweizens are best consumed young. However, at only four weeks old, I already notice mine might be on the decline. Donít get me wrong, I still love it. However, my palate preferred the taste of the beer at three weeks as opposed to four weeks. I brewed a simple extract recipe with wyeast 3068 and fermented it at warm temps (around 75). I got a great, strong banana ester flavors. However, as time as gone on, they have mellowed a good bit and are being replaced by dry, pilsnery flavors. While some may prefer this, I personally actually liked it a little better when the banana was more pronounced. I realize that this change (esters mellow, yeast clean up byproducts of fermentation) is natural and supposed to happen in bottle-conditioned beer. Iím simply saying that I honestly preferred it before it started mellowing my precious banana esters.

Also, Iím not advocating every noob open their beer after three weeks. I had an IPA (my second batch) that SUCKED until around week 5 or 6, whereabouts it got pretty damn good.

In any event, thanks to all who helped me make my second solid beer (two out of my first three ainít bad). To all other noobs like me, try your hefís youngói.e. immediately after carbonation. See what you think of them.

Just my two cents.

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I've noticed the same thing you mentioned with your IPA. I made a Scottish ale that sucked 2-3 weeks in the keg. I ignored it, hoping it would just go away, but it just stuck around until it was time to play kill the keg almost 2 months later - and it was friggin AWESOME beer that emptied in like 2 weeks.

Some beers just don't come into their own for a while, and it's a reminder never to pitch anything you've already bottled unless it's obvious (floating baddies) that it's not worth saving.

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Originally Posted by polamalu43
Iíve read on here that hefeweizens are best consumed young. However, at only four weeks old, I already notice mine might be on the decline.

Wouldn't surprise me. IMO weizen is an exceptionally delicate beer, easily damaged and easy to go off. For example, it is very difficult for me to find a German wheat that has not degraded by the time I drink it. Another reason to brew at home...

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I stopped making Hefes for basically the same reason, plus that there is a place close to where I live ( with Paulaner's Hefe on tap. I can't improve on Paulaner's and I can get it any time I want, so I focus on other things.

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