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Originally Posted by Brew Dude
I'm still an extract brewer while I collect my all grain equipment arsenal.

The recipe called for steeping grains for 25 minutes in 3 quarts of 155 degree water. Then, sparge with 3 more quarts of 170 degree water (I sparged more than this because I noticed my runnings were still dark. I probably sparged with almost a gallon.

I then brought 2 gallons of water to a boil, turned off the heat, stirred in my extract, and then added the grain water. So, at this point I should have had almost 4 gallons. (~7 quarts steep water + 2 gallons boil water). After adding the hops I began the hour long boil. No lid, so I did lose water during this process. After I chilled the wort down to pitching temperature, I added about 1.5 gallons to my carboy before adding the wort. I brought it into my garage, pitched the yeast, and it was fermenting aggressively around 12 hours later.

So, a little less than 4 gallons + 1.5 gallons should have given me around 5.5 gallons of water total. I probably lost no more than 0.5 gallons due to evaporation. I should of been right around 5 gallons, I just don't see how I could be off so much.
Well 4 gallons pre boil than 1 hr boil is 3 gallons post boil plus 1.5 gallons so 4.5 gallons into fermentor..u forgot to think about 1 gallon will boil off in an hour..also u will lose some water volume drom the cooling process as well as trub if you removed it before it went into the carboy..a lot can affect the volume. even the time steeping the grains will lose some water from evaporation.. next time add 4 gallons into carbot mark it and than add .25 increments until u reach 6 gallons. This way once u go all grain u will better have a grasp of your process..

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I would only add the water if you were higher on your OG than expected by a good amount, say more than 10 or 15%. By looking at the picture, I think you are close. I am not sure if you measured OG at that point, but based on your "lost wort" it is possible you boiled it away and your beer is now more concentrated than expected. This may also cause an issue with hop balance. Best bet is to taste it on transfer. If you do decide to add water, heed the warning about adding oxygen. The best way to avoid this is to boil the water (which will drive off oxygen - it does not stay dissolved well in boiling water) and cool it covered without aerating (jostling it too much). This will keep it low in oxygen as well as sanitize it. Transfer it to secondary from its container as you would with wort - gently by siphoning.

If you can get me an accurate measurement of the height and diameter of your carboy and the height of your wort from the floor, I can check that against my 6.5 gallon marked carboy as long as ours are the same size.
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I tested my final gravity today... so far it's 1.012 and the target was 1.014. It's been in the primary for 6 days and it appears it is done fermenting. Is this close enough? What did I do to overshoot the FG?

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Originally Posted by Brew Dude
I tested my final gravity today... so far it's 1.012 and the target was 1.014. It's been in the primary for 6 days and it appears it is done fermenting. Is this close enough? What did I do to overshoot the FG?
FG is just an estimated based on the yeast's ability to consume the sugars and turn them into alcohol. You basically have no control over it outside of measuring it and adding chemicals to kill the yeast prior to fermentation being complete (sometimes done in wine to keep it more sweet)
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You didn't really overshoot. You provided a very good enviroment for your yeast to go to work in, and they did their best to eat as much sugar as they can. Good enviroment + healthy yeasy = well attenuated beer. Most yeast have a range, so you probably just hit the upper end of that range. If you are going to secondary, go ahead and do it now, if you are bottling straight from primary, give it a week and go for it.

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