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Well after fermentation is done, you want to be as gentle with it as possible, trying not to oxygenate the beer. You should rack it rather than pouring through a filter. One thing to do on your next batch is to filter when you're pouring from your brew kettle, after chilling, into your primary bucket or carboy, then pitch your yeast. This way, you are filtering out the sediment AND oxygenating the wort which is great for the yeast to get off to a quick fermentation.

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Originally Posted by mdowns63
Here's a follow-up question just out of curiosity...if you use a hop bag to filter it before you go to secondary would that keep out the yeast that you need to carbonate if you are going to bottle? I haven't tried this and I probably won't, but I just want to make sure I am understanding the process.
I've never really thought about that. I force carb in my keg system so it doesn't effect me. I have a batch in the secondary right now the I filtered out of the primary with the hop bag on the racking crane and it seems to still have yeast.

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I believe you'd need a 1 micron filter to get yeast out. A nylon bag's mesh is like 100 micron so no worries.
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I had finished a fermenting and it very small residue from the hops I used in the boiling phase and went through the screen on the funnel. When I went to bottle it I tasted the unconditioned beer and it tasted like a gritty watered down piece of sh*t. I panicked... Then after I conditioned it and let it sit at 68 degrees for a month. It was actually very good. I just had to be careful when I poured it to pour slowly into the glass and not stir up the sediment, but it tasted very good.
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Can you use a coffee filter?

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I see a coffee filter getting clogged when putting your wort in your fermenter. If you are talking about using a filter after fermentation, i would say its not a good idea due to increasing your risk of infection, clogging, aerating your beer, etc...
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no coffee filters. doesn't work and who needz it?
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