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So most of the guys in my brew crew have girlfriend's that don't drink a lot of beer. They love the "malted beverages" from Smirnoff, Parrot Bay, etc.

Anyone have a decent recipe for something like that? We are planning a few big cookouts this summer as a fundraiser for a 3 tier setup and wanted to make a few batches for the women that will be attending.

I know, i know, its a sad day to start brewing those "girly beers" with all our nice equipment, but it happens... They put up with our crap and are fairly patient when we talk about beer all night, so I think its only fair to give them something in return, and perhaps even justify why we own so much stuff.

Thanks guys,

Hopefully I don't get flamed...
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With my limited understanding of the "girly beers", I believe the problem in recreating or homebrewing these cocktails is that the industry goes to great lenghts to "clean up" the taste of fermentation in an attempt to mimic a vodka or cocktail type of taste. These beverages are made this way to reduce cost and also to avoid liquor tax.

If my goal was to concoct a beverage of this type, I would start w/ vodka or rum and the appropriate flavors (lemon, coconut, Malibu?? and keg it.

Sorry, not much help, but I think you might be setting yourself up for disappointment actually trying to brew this type of beverage.

Good luck keeping the SWBOS happy.


Have you tried the famous applewine??

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Apfelwein? Usually a hit with the non beer drinking crowd!

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Applewine variations are also good. EdWort gave me some suggestions that have been good, such as heating some spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc) in some rum with some turbando sugar (sugar in the raw) and adding that to the apple wine. Also cutting the applewine with sprite (for sweetness) or soda water (if already sweet enough) will allow it to be less alcoholic (more like a malt beverage) and still taste great!
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If you want to stick with beer, go with a blonde or cream ale, lightly hopped with something citrusy and fermented with something clean or a little fruity.

Apfelwein is a great suggestion, if you can wait a couple or few months for it to really come around. Maybe you can start a batch of that now to give the SWMBOs more options later on.

I do not know much about the hard lemonade, but I hear it's mighty good for your target application!

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Make a blond/Mild/cream ale and add some Jasmine or Chamomile tea.
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Yes, fruited light/wheaty beers do wonders for the women.

When I moved into my apartment, I started sharing brew with the neighbor women and my raspberry and strawberry saisons were both a huge hit and often requested for a second glass.

If hefe is not their style, think american wheat or maybe saison/wit without the spices. Add ~ 1# fruit per gallon in secondary and be amazed at the response.

The great thing is using something like raspberry imparts the color onto the beer so they don't even see the 'yellow fizzy' - only a deep purple concoction of sweet fruity goodness.

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Originally Posted by jezter6
Yes, fruited light/wheaty beers do wonders for the women.

When I moved into my apartment, I started sharing brew with the neighbor women and my raspberry and strawberry saisons were both a huge hit and often requested for a second glass.

In my head I translated this to say: "when I became the neighborhood player...."

very true though, about the fruit changing the look of the beer.

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