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Aug 2006
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I've got a Corona and it instantly upped my efficiency from store crushed (or rolling pin *sigh*) efficiency.

You can buy a better mill, but of course its going to cost you money. (Quite a bit more) All in all, i'm quite happy with the $20 or so I bought it for off of eBay.

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Apr 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
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Originally Posted by bradsul
There isn't much to detail, it pretty much just involves a bolt with the head cut off and a lock nut. Screw the bolt into the hole that held the handle on, then tighten up the lock nut. You can further complicate by using a file or grinder or something to flatten one side of the threads to give the drill better grip.
A simple variation on this theme:
A 5/16" bolt with a jam nut in the mill, & a hex to 1/4" socket adapter along with a 1/2" socket in the drill. It is a little nicer this way because I can just slip the drill on and off as needed.
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Jul 2006
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My now suddenly ex-fiance (a story suitable for a 3 night epic mini-series) recently bought me a Corona mill for Valentines day. I haven't used it yet but now that we have gone our separate ways I'm considering returning it and using the money towards a roller mill. I guess I'm torn between keeping a mill that is already paid for or spending more $$ on a different one when I don't even know how well this one will work yet.
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Keep it. You can always sell it if you hate it.
maybe i'll post an ad:

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My now suddenly ex-fiance (a story suitable for a 3 night epic mini-series
ooooo Lemme get some popcorn
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Originally Posted by Tenchiro View Post
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Uncle Fat
Jan 2005
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I've been using a Corona with an electric drill for 5 or 6 years now and have no reason to change. It works great for me.

Here's a tip: To add hopper capacity, cut the bottom out of a 5gal PET water-cooler bottle. Turn it upside down into the Corona hopper (it fits perfectly). Now you have about 24lb grain capacity in your Corona mill.

Mill with drill and "hopper".
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Apr 2007
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My Corona knock-off with large hopper cost $38 shipped from ebay.
It gives excellent crush. The husks are a little shredded but filtration rate is excellent and eff. if better than store crush.

Get one with the shroud over top of the plates, it will be less messy.

Definitely a decent way to go for mini-mash or low gravity 5 gallon brewers unless you have lots of green.

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Nov 2009
Springfield, Missouri
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How long does it take you guys to mill around 15lbs of grain with a corona mill and a power drill?

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Jan 2009
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Originally Posted by foonder View Post
I use This for milling grain:

I hook a drill up to that sucker instead of cranking it by hand and I can go through about 3 lbs of grain in about 10 - 12 seconds. It was a great investment. I had a Corona mill and it broke the 2nd time I used it. I'm sure people have gotten good use out of them, but I'd still recommend the bigger more kickass mills / crushers.
I'm not sure you could break a corona mill without doing something stupid. They're all cast iron.

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Oct 2009
Lake Dallas
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I was about to go the route of buying grain in bulk and milling it myself, but then I calculated the cost vs. my LHBS and I decided to not go the route of buying a grain mill.

It seems like the average cost (including shipping) for a 50 lb sack of 2-row is around $65. That's 1.30 per pound. My LHBS sells it for $1.32 per pound crushed. I really couldn't see the need to invest in a mill to save $0.02 per pound. If anyone can point me to a cheaper alternative for bulk grain in the Dallas area I am all ears!

If I were to get a mill, the best deal I found was at Brewmaster's Warehouse. $85 shipped, but you have to build your own hopper and base.

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