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Jul 2007
Mandan, ND
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Are your SWMBOs really that bad? I always hear someone talking about how they messed something up with their brewing process and their SWMBO beat them within an inch of their life or gave them a severe tongue lashing or both. Sometimes I hear about the SWMBO who just won't give them any space to do their craft and passion. Just seems like a good 2/3s of you guys there are bad luck dudes when it comes to the SWMBO thing. You guys aren't just exaggerating for a little sympathy are you?

Anyway, the reason that I seem baffled by a non-lenient SWMBO, is that I demand at least a basic understanding and appreciation of the craft/hobby that keeps me alive. It's part of the give and take of a good relationship. That said, my fiance' has provided me my own room in the house to do my thing and has allowed me to do what I need to continue making my goodness in a bottle. In fact, she and I will be working together to select the ingredients for the next batch of beer, so that it will be hers and has a reason to take an active interest in the brewing process.

I'm not trying to brag or anything like that - I'm just wondering if the stories I hear are really that bad...and isn't it possible for your SWMBO, if she doesn't already, to understand how important brewing is for you and allow you the space and appreciation you need? Like I said, it's not unrealistic for that to be the case. Any reasonable woman would understand the need for give and take in a 50/50 relationship. If none of that applies at this point in your respective situations, then, sirs, you have my most sincere sympathy.

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10th-Level Beer Nerd
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May 2006
Adams, MA
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My wife bought me my first brew kit and has been great throughout the process, to the point that we'd be going to Cinci at the conference for our fifth wedding anniversary if she wasn't still going to be teaching (damn snow days!)

She didn't even get upsey when I bought a fridge and converted it into a kegerator. She knows that I needed a hobby, she knows how much happier I am since I found homebrewing (and all you guys), and she knows that I don't let the drinking get out of hand or negatively impact my family.
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Feb 2005
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My wife is great!

I have my own brewing kitchen in the basement.
HB Bill

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Maniacally Malty
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Apr 2007
Oakland, CA
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no wife. my roommate complains sometimes when i leave the carboys on the counter too long...
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Wade E
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Mar 2008
Middlebury, Ct.
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I have a wine/beer making room in 1 side of he basement and a wine/beer cellar on the other side and then my woodworking shop adjacent to her laundry room which only leaves a 14' x 14' square left down there which I am converting into our family room right now. Little does she know that I will leave room for a tap coming out of the cellar room yet! I think I spend most of my time at home after work on this site and the wine forum I moderate but am at her beckoning call cause i know I spend a lot of time doing this stuff.

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Professor Frink
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Sep 2006
San Diego, CA
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My SWMBO gave me crap for months about not having room for a chest freezer for a bigger kegerator. What did she get me for Christmas... a chest freezer. She completely supports my brewing.
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Apr 2007
West Palm, FL
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My SWMBO asked me to brew a beer for her birthday, my first ever brew. I can say with certainty that without her I may have never started this 'hobby'. She may not like what it has turned into but we're looking at houses now and she always makes sure to mention where my 'beer room' and wine cellar will be located in the house completely on her own. I think she's getting tired of sour beers though , however I brewed a tripel for her that was all hers. She's awesome.
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Oct 2006
Hayden, Idaho
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My SWMBO does not like beer, but for the most part is pretty supportive of me doing it. She'll flip me some crap for spending money on equipment, but only for a day or so. I think I irritated her when I first started, because I was always talking about beer, but I've eased off and find other people to talk beer with. I'm pretty comfortable with things the way they are now.
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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Dec 2007
"Detroitish" Michigan
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My GF is very supportive and into my obsession. Being from Ireland she appreciates good beer, and used to make wine and is slowly getting back into doing that. She really thinks that I make great beer, we've tried some other brewer's efforts and several times she has leaned over to me and told me mine is better....*grin*

We both love to cook, and she found a rennaisance era lamb dish that called for an ale, and she used my orange ginger dortmunder in it, and we thought it was amazing.

She has taken a liking to Rogue Dead Guy, and encouraged me to find a clone for it (I used Yoopers) and when I brewed it she helped.

Since I live in a loft, and she lives in the country (she raises Llamas) she is looking at growing some hops.

She is also researching a book on ancient Goddess religions, and stumbled last week on the first beer recipe ever written (In the chronicle of Gilgamesh) in ancient Sumer, she read some of the articles on Anchor and Dogfish Head's attempt at brewing it and was convinced they mis-translated the recipe-Since they're brewers and not religious scholars...We cobbled together a rough recipe and plan on brewing it soon.

Today we were walking through the big farmer's market in Detroit and saw that one of the shops was selling their chest freezers and she mentioned something about having been thinking about my desire to keg and have a kegerator (but I don't have the space) I think she may be hinting that we set something up at her house...

Methinks I'm the luckiest brewer alive!!!!
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Nov 2007
Jefferson City, MO
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Any reasonable woman would understand......
Now that's hilarious. I think the only reasonable women I've ever met were: A) My mother, and B) The women who frequent this website.

Better stop now before I go off on a rant....
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