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Apr 2008
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Totally new to this hobby... so go easy on me

I listened to the 2007-03-29 broadcast of homebrew radio with great interest. I know star san and others are highly recommended around here, but I cannot find it locally it seems. If I can just use cheap common bleach then that's fine with me.

I know that at the quantities suggested (2tbsp per 5 gallon) rinsing is not required, but I think I would feel better doing so nonetheless.

The question: can I use tap water on HOT to rinse, are am I just undoing my sanitization efforts by doing so? Seems to me that hot water tanks are set to a certain temperature specifically because past a certain degree (60C?) bacteria isn't likely to grow in it.

I realize I can't control the conditions between the tank and the faucet, but am I just splitting hairs at this point? I'm not looking for hospital grade sanitation, just trying to establish a simple method that's easy and convenient. My dishwasher uses this same water afterall...

Any thoughts?

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Don't worry about using bleach solution. I've used it exclusively with no issues for...let's just say...more than a few batches.

I always use hot tap water for rinsing. issues.

My right sink basin is always filled with bleach solution. I also toss in a 1/4 cup of oxyclean.

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Jan 2007
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Sometimes, depending on what i sanitize, i will rinse.... To me it seems if you let something sit the recommended 15 minutes with bleach that that will kill all nasties contained therein. Rinsing just takes out the crud leaving a perfectly clean area.... Of course like i said i only do it with some things i sanitize... Usually i leave it be.

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Jan 2008
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I've been rinsing with the same NYC tap water that I make the beer with. I didn't rinse when I did this many years ago, but since I'm comfortable using tap water I do it. I haven't had any problems.

This being said, I received my first bottle of StarSan from the brown truck today and I'll be using that instead.

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Jun 2007
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order star-san online if you cna't get it at the LHBS.

the stuff is phenomenal. you can literally drink it and suffer no ill effects. can't say that about bleach
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Go Gators
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I know it has been said, but just to give you one more opinion to help ease your mind...I too use hot tap water to rinse after using bleach. I have yet to NOTICE any off flavors, but I too am kind of new to the hobby. Happy brewing.
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Professor Frink
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Typically, I use bleach to clean my carboys and then sanitize with Iodophor. If you have to sanitize with bleach, I would rinse, as I have tasted homebrews by other brewers where the bleach flavor has come through.
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Dec 2007
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i used bleach for a while and just "felt" better about using it. One thing to note....don't use scented bleach. I had to reclean/santize all of my equipment after reading about it on here! But bleach is fine, I use oxyclean and bleach and have had no off flavors! Oxyclean is not starsan but it works well and I bought a big box for $14 at Sam's Club. Yes you have to rinse but I like it and use if for other things around the house as well.

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Apr 2007
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In the right concentration, bleach is a no-rinse sanitizer. if you taste bleach in your beer, you use WAY to much.

Originally Posted by malkore
order star-san online if you cna't get it at the LHBS.

the stuff is phenomenal. you can literally drink it and suffer no ill effects. can't say that about bleach
Actually, you can drink bleach too, in the right concentration. In fact it is commonly used to purify water when camping. it's cheap, easy and leaves no taste or odor when used correctly.

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Feb 2008
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During my army days, they supplied us with this tablet which we put int our jerry cans that is supposed to kill off all the germs and bacteria in the water, can't quite recall the name of this tablet.
It would be cool to have these as a sanitzier.

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