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Battery Acid Bo
Feb 2008
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Can you save an unfermented batch?

With out going into all the gory details, my third batch, an Oktoberfest, did not ferment after two weeks.

I have not poured it out, yet, can it be salvaged?

Has anybody reboiled a batch? If it is reboiled, I know the IBU’s will be way off.

I just hate to pour it out, I can make a “tonic” for our yard, but I would rather be drinking it while gathering my hop harvest.

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Aug 2006
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Are you sure it did not ferment? Have you tried raising the temps? I would not reboil, as there's no the most, I'd pitch more yeast. Give us some more details on your process, recipe, yeast, etc.
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Oct 2006
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Reboiling the beer will do nothing for you.

What were/are your gravity readings?
Starting gravity:
Current gravity:

What kind of yeast did you use dry or liquid?
Did you do a starter?
Did you aerate your wort?
What is the temperature of the beer?
Do you notice any signs of krausen around the edge of the fermenter?

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I love lamp!
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No reboiling. Have you tried repitching at the correct temp for you yeast? Have you taken hydrometer readings to confirm that it didn't ferment?
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Originally Posted by BierMuncher
Don't poop in your fermenter when the lid is off and you'll be fine.

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Old 04-04-2008, 12:26 PM   #5
Battery Acid Bo
Feb 2008
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Thanks for the quick replies, I needed to get my notes at home.

Let me say first,
I am a jack a**, do not watch the air lock!
I am a jack a**, do not watch the air lock!
I am a jack a**, do not watch the air lock!
I am a jack a**, do not watch the air lock!
I am a jack a**, do not watch the air lock!
I am a jack a**, do not watch the air lock!

I took my gravity reading last night, 1.014, son of a *****!!!

The last time, about a week ago, I looked in the bucket and what I thought was a mold ring apparently is a krausen ring.

Here is the recipe:
2 cans of Muntons extra light
½ # 60l crystal malt
1oz. 5.3% Sterling pellets, 60min
.5oz. 5.3% Sterling pellets, 15min
.5oz. 5.3% Sterling pellets, 1min
2-7g pkg Superior Dry lager yeast

I tried to get some White Labs San Francisco Lager, but the LHBS did not have any lager yeast, I had the 2 packages yeast at home so I went ahead.

I cannot do full boils right now, so I split it into 2 3-gallon batches, which created another problem I did not think about, evaporation. When the boil was done and I got it cooled down to about 150 degrees, I transferred it into the bucket, I had under 4 gallons of wort. The gravity was 1.062 corrected; I quickly boiled another gallon and put it in.

I waited about 19 hours until it was cooled down to 62 degrees in my fermentation chiller, I oxygenated it for 2 minutes and pitched my rehydrated yeast. It was in the chiller for about 4 days at about 50 degrees with no visible activity. I brought it upstairs and warmed it to about 64 degrees and swirled. I looked inside a couple of days later and saw the ring and thought it was mold.

Now I have another problem, can I still lager it or should I just bottle.

I know the fermentation temperatures were too high for a lager, will it just be a sweet ale?

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Old 04-04-2008, 12:30 PM   #6
Ale's What Cures You!
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Jun 2006
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You can still lager it! I'm glad it's done. How does it taste?

Next time, when you cool your wort, use ice baths in the sink to get it cooled down faster. 19 hours is a long time- you can actually get it down to pitching temps in less than 30 minutes in ice baths in the sink, and topping off with cold water when you topped up to 5 gallons.
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Old 04-07-2008, 11:48 AM   #7
Battery Acid Bo
Feb 2008
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Thanks for the encouragement and understanding in my learning curve.

I tasted it when I checked the gravity and it was pretty good!!!

I will transfer it to a secondary carboy and lager it for a couple of months and check it in June.

Thanks again!!!

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