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Cold night, with nothing to do.. What better to do than have a block party, chop down a tree and have a fire in the middle of the street.

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Nov 2006
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I'm not sure if this is the dumbest or not, but one St. Patty's day about 10 years ago a few of us hit up Denny's after a 10 hour stint at the local Scottish pub (not Irish I know, but it's the closest that we have in this town). Anyway, I guess I proceeded to tell our waitress what a fat b!tch she was after she told me I couldn't get my hashbrowns smothered, covered, AND with green peppers... then we had a butter pad and syrup fight that eventually got us kicked out.

All of this is according to my buddy's wife, since none of the rest of us were in any condition to remember anything.

Originally Posted by the_bird
Well, if you *love* it.... again, note that my A.S.S. has five pounds.

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Slept with a person or two that I normally wouldn't...

Decided "Yeah, playing this drinking game with Ouzo is a smart plan!"

Ended up playing bartender at a party while blitzed; this ensured that everyone else was blitzed as well...

Tried to pick a fight with a friend's coworker. I'm normally a very calm, even-keeled person; me deciding that I wanted to kick this guy's butt should have been an indicator as to this guy's personality. He turned out in the long run to deserve a lot more than that, and is probably still in jail as we speak (or at least I hope so).
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Originally Posted by Silviakitty
Slept with a person or two that I normally wouldn't...
You know, when hammered I've always been unable to sleep with people I normally would.

One time I decided to lead a team of roof climbers up onto the roof of the house we were partying in. Being team leader it was incumbent on me to find the easiest path to the top of this roof that was far steeper than the normal 4/12 pitch. I cleverly decided to use the edge of the roof as a means of shimmying up. So when friction yielded to gravity I began to slide along this edge. At the last moment I turned so I could take the jump to the ground below and the evestrough tore a large gash along my inner thigh. Had I not turned in time, the boys might still have been dangling like a patio lantern.
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beta pleated sheet
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I don't get smashed too often, and when I do, I don't really do much of anything (stupid or otherwise). When I get druck, I just talk. And talk. And talk. I'm sure I've said my fair share of stupid things that sounded perfectly intelligible at the time. I know that I've had whole conversations that I don't remember at all.

But I guess my worst lapse of judgment was when I was about 14, drunk for the first time. I was at a concert with a few friends and a water bottle filled with vodka. I thought it sounded like a good idea to mosh. Keep in mind, this was Adeema, and their crowd is SCARY. I pretty much went flying and was so drunk that I didn't realize I fell until I hit the floor. One of those "Heeeey, how'd the floor get there?" moments.
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just after basic i was home on leave and some buddys took me to a party at western mich. i basically drank a fifth of black velvet and yukon jack in about 4-5 hrs. last i remember was pukin in a frying pan. can't even smell yukon jack without gettin queasy.

speakin of peeing on someones head, a coupla buds went to cedar point and rented a trailer for the weekend. after drinking for 6-8 hrs buggy passed out coupla hrs later jason watched him come outta the bedroom toward the restroom he promptly dropped trou and proceeded to pee on the bathroom door. he then tried to climb into bed with jason and his wife. nezt morning jeff came through the hallway and soaked his socks
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I really don't remember doing anything really dumb in the past couple years...I sure don't drink as much as I used to. However, when I was about 15 I was at a church summer camp for a week down on Sunset Beach in Santa Cruz. We took over a couple group campgrounds, but there were other people there. The second to last night of the week, I snuck out with this cute little blondie who had been coming on to me...despite the fact I already had a girlfriend. Both of us and a few more campers snuck out of our tents and visited the strawberry fields next door, got a few handfuls and headed to some of the other campgrounds. We ran into some campers from Chico State who had an ample supply of SN Pale Ale (bless their hearts). I had two and felt drunk for the first time, and then we visited another really creepy guy by himself with a bottle of jack daniels. Me and two of the girls took a shot, then stumbled off into the dark. Long story short...many bad things happened because of that:

1. Cheated on my girlfriend...and she was the sweetest 16 ever
2. I came back to my tent to find the counselor had stolen my sleeping bag...I had to sleep on the cold hard ground.
3. My parents made a surprise visit the next day only to find I had been busted for sneaking out.
4. My parents took me out to seafood (they probably thought that would be a good lesson). It was...almost lost my calimari all over the table.
5. Had to leave camp early for sneaking out, stealing berries, and getting druck.
6. Youth group leader was a good family friend...but he was really pissed and we didn't talk much after that
7. Since my fling was much hotter than my current girlfriend, I dumped her. Next week the fling dumps me for a college guy??? Haha, that's what I get!!!

All in all it was a fun time, and I wouldn't trade those life lessons for anything!

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Posting on HBT.
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I could use up most of the internet posting to this. But since I've turned 30, most of the really stupid crap has stopped.
Seriously. I'm here for BEER
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Bad Beer Goggles....enough said...twice...they were friends.
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