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Im just starting my adventure into AG. I want to get in on a grain bulk buy, but I am at a loss for what to buy. I do not plan on lagering so if that makes a difference or not im not sure. The types of beers I make are mostly IPA's, Ales and Belgium style brews. Occasionally I make a stot or porter but they are by no means a need to have. What bulk grains would you guys reccomend keeping around?


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2-row or your favorite base grain (marris otter/whatever) and lots off it. If you are into Belgians you might want a bag or three of Belgian pilsner.

If you can get into a bulk order, see if you can split bags with other people. Get 1/4 bags of some specialty grains you use a lot. Say 40l crystal for the pale ales and some munich/carafaX/caraX/specialB for the Belgians. Essentially any specialty grain you use lots, get part of a bag of.

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Sir Humpsalot
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2 row is the biggie. You'll go through 8-15 pounds or so in each batch, Pils, Maris Otter, and Belgian 2 row are the three that I like, but it depends on what styles of beer you're making.

Wheat is handy, especially in the summer time. Not only do you need it for your wheat beers, but it can be used as a specialty malt as well- a pound or so in a batch will aid head retention.
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Jan 2008
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This is what I can get..

Prices are as follows
Hugh Baird Pale Ale 37.40 (55 lbs)
Marris Otter 38.50

Best Maltz (ger)
Pils 34.10
Wheat 36.30
Vienna 34.65
Lt Munich (6-8L) 34.65
Dk Munich (9-12) 36.30

Canada malting
Canadian 2-row 28.05
6-row 29.70

Breiss Lt DME (50 lbs) 98.00

Speicalty grains that we can split up 55lb bags

Best Maltz Cara pils (2-3L) .82/lb

Hugh Baird
Med Crystal (30-40l) .74/lb
Ex Dk Crystal (115-155) .75/lb
Choc malt (450-500) .75/lb

Thomas Fawcett
Brown malt (52-65L) .76/lb

Flaked corn .60/lb

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Take a look at the stuff you have already brewed, take a look at the stuff you plan to brew and you might notice some common specialty grains.

Caramel/crystal grains show up in tons of IPAs and ales. Chocolate malt is common in porters and many stouts...it also shows up in small quantities in other ales. That's the direction that I am going with my order.

Belgian style brews tend to have pretty simple grain bills with out a whole lot of specialty grains.

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Originally Posted by wedge421
This is what I can get..

Is this group buy still going on?
I was interested but completely forgot about it and I figured it was over by now.

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