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Aug 2005
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Originally Posted by cweston
Great thread, if I do say so myself...

About keg systems: is there an easy way to keep the tap(s) under lock and key, for households with teenagers?

I trust my kids and all, and we're pretty "European" in our attitudes about moderate alcohol consumption, but I'm not stupid: I really don't want my teenagers and their friends hanging out in close proximity to an open bar.

This is quite complex and probably expensive in both time and money, but it will accurately track dispensing.

Other than that, I'd try to rig some type of clamp on the line and a lock.

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boo boo
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With all the great posts posted it is hard to add anything. But just to say to keep everything that comes into contact with your wort/beer to be, sanitized to the best of your ability and keep your fermentatoin tempertures stable.

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Jan 2006
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Since we started this thread with using the dishwasher...
I use my (wife's) dishwasher to wash/sanitize my bottles. I always rinse them after I empty one so there isn't usually a yeast cake in the bottom. When it comes time to bottle, I run the bottles through the dishwasher using the "Pots/Pans" cycle and push the "Heat Water" & "Heat Dry" buttons. By the time all 3 wash cycles and 2 rinse cycles have finished and the drying cycle finishes, the bottles are clean & sanitized with no more work than it takes to load the washer. I've discovered if I pack them tight I can get enough bottles on the bottom rack to bottle a whole 5 gallon batch of beer.

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DeRoux's Broux
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my thing is (i guess this is a "secret") is to not try more than one new gadget, technique, or ingredient in a brew at a time. that way if something is funky or really improves the brew, it's easier to determine the cause, and easier to make changes/corrections.
DeRoux's Broux

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Will work for beer
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You guys know the racking cane trick right? When you are cleaning a carboy and it is full of water it takes forever to empty it, right? Just take a racking cane and slip it into the carboy while it is tipped and dump(make sure the tip of the racking cane isn't under water). That sucker will drain fast.

Another one: If you soak bottles to remove labels or whatever, a quick way to fill them with water is to slip a drinking straw inside the bottle and dunk it under water. It makes a cool sound and fills up really quick.
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Use ammonia cleaner like Parsons mixed about 1/2 cup per gallon of water to remove labels from bottles. I place them in a big Tupperware container. Most labels slide right off. The tough ones scrape off fairly easy. (Never mix ammonia with bleach!)

Harvest and re-use the yeast from the primary. I figure I can do this about 3 times saving me over $6 per batch.

Move your fermenting beer as little as possible. I used to carry it up the stairs from the basement for racking and bottling. Now I take it downstairs and it stays there until bottled/kegged. I have a shelf strong enough and high enough that I don't have to move the beer. I just rack into the secondary, move the primary, and place the secondary where the primary was. When you move fermenters around it stirs up the trub in the bottom and you have to let it settle. This way it is still and you can get more clear beer out of the fermenter. The biggest thing though is that you don't have to hall heavy carboys up and down the stairs. A chore I used to dread.

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I always try to be completely hammered by the end of the brew session. Seems to make clean-up a bit easier.

At least till the next day anyways....
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I always use co2 to push my beer from primary to secondary and to keg. Just use a carboy cap with the racking cane, makes this a lot easier.
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Brew chick
Jan 2006
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After you brew get the kid's to clean up the mess to make there pocket money!
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No real secrets. I try to keep things as simple as possible, clean everything before putting away and never interfere with what is going on in my brew tank.

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