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Feb 2006
Ridgefield, Connecticut
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I've got a traditional New England cider ( unpasturized organic cider / natural yeast) just about at the end if its primary, (3 months and all is well), and was going to rack it and have it enter into a secondary ferment for another 2 months before botteling. I've been told NOT TO RACK IT before botteling. I'm a purest at heart, and would like to do it the old fashioned way. Any comments on what racking /not racking it will do to flavor as well as any other pro's and con's. I'm not too worried about presentation, I'll drink whatever foul looking concoction I make, but will it make a huge difference in clarity? Any ideas would be appriciated.

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Jan 2006
Seocheon, South Korea
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whats a traditional new england cier and why does it takes so long long long?

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Nov 2005
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I would leave it alone. The issue (as I understand it) isn't clarity so much as the lees. The yeast (and apple pulp) can over time give different flavors or esters (or something like that ). But, traditionally they did not wrack ciders after putting it into the barrel. Plus, if you leave it where it is, it will be less oxidized (though the amount of oxidation in a transfer should be little).

Some say that wracking it off the lees preserves the flavor. Personally, I think it is six of one, half dozen of the other. I have done it both ways. For me, I wrack it to a secondary and cold chill just to get it to clear quicker. For a purist batch, I would leave it alone.

Either way, it sounds like you are only a few months from some good drinking!

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Aug 2005
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Hi Mudgrunt - what do you mean by 'natural' yeast?

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