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I honestly think it was my first homebrew. I always used to drink either Sammy, or Heiney, or some Canadian Lager, or even (GASP!) Corona before I began to brew. I wasn't drinking cheap beer, but I wasn't really drinking GOOD beer (just stuff that cost a little more). I'd occassionally have something at the brew pub, but beer wasn't something that I really paid a lot of attention to until I started making it.
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Guinness was my first love...Then I found Ommegang Rare Vos....It was all downhill from there. Found many beers that were so much better then those two. But Guinness and Rare Vos made think about what else must be out there.
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My first west coast pale ale.

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Originally Posted by Ryanh1801
Working at a brew pub. I realized I liked that beer a lot more, now if I would have only cared about how it was being made back then. I still drink the cheap stuff though, but only when I go out to the bar on a mission..
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When I first started to drink (illegally) it was Corona and Smirnoff Ice (the only thing my cousins would buy). Then I began to like Corona more than most beers... then one night at a baseball game I had a pint of Blue Moon and suddenly I realized how bad Corona was and from that point forth I made it my goal to sample as many different brews as possible...

My favs: Sam Adams Octoberfest and Summer Ale, Blue Moon, Dogfish Head Shelter Ale, Independence Ale (no longer around), Guinness, New Castle, Victory... then to my favorite brew that completely opened my eyes and inspired me to brew:

Paulenor Salvator Dobble Bock

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Originally Posted by 9/9
Victory Hopdevil
One of my personal favorites.

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I was lucky...I never really had much of the BMC. Since I grew up in Chico, Sierra Nevada was about the same price when you consider alcohol content. Therefore most parties stocked the fridge or kegs with Pale Ale/Porter/Stout/Wheat. There were some people who would cheap out and buy kegs of swill, but I usually got someone to buy me a sixer of the good stuff. I suppose then you could say SN Pale Ale set me free, but I've never felt imprisoned by the BMC.

Now, in terms of wanting to brew my own beer and really getting into sampling...I'd have to say Kona Moon Porter from Six Rivers Brewery. I don't even care for porters that much, but this one opened my eyes and made me try new styles I'd previously written off.

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When I was 18 or 19 my boss brought some Blacken VooDoo back from New Orleans for me. Ever since I have enjoyed all the craft brews and stayed away from BMC.

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Jan 2008
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Guiness for about a year - then I discovered Bridgeport IPA. I will still drink BMC occasionally as situations come up - my friend keeps Coors on draft at his house and I will go to watch MMA, it's good friend politics to just grab a mug.
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