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Mar 2008
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First of all I'm new here and tomorrow is my first brew day. I'm excited and am really ready to start making some tasty brew. I've read the Joy of Homebrewing and have this kit:

I plan on bottling my first batch (which is an Irish Stout) the traditional way with a priming bucket and then to bottle it into both 12oz and 22oz bottles. My next batch, which will be a lighter 'summery' beer I plan on mostly giving away to friends or my dad who is excited I'm getting into this. My question is, is there anyway to carbonate it in another bucket or carboy and then after the carbonation has taken place bottle it. My reasoning is the yeast settlement. I have no problem with it because i know what it is, but if I give some bottles to people who aren't aware of what it is then they will not know what the sediment on the bottom is and get freaked out by it. I've searched here a little bit but haven't found anything relative besides bottling from a keg. (I don't have one...yet ) I'm just courious and haven't come across that question or answer anywhere i've read yet.

Thanks everyone and this looks like a real good resource and I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions throughout my first batch.

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Well unless you bottle from a keg the sediment is unavoidable.
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The only two ways to carbonate are force-carbonation or natural carbonation. Natural carbonation always leaves sediment since the yeast multiply while eating up the priming sugar, which releases the CO2. One of those things you have to deal with when bottle priming homebrew unfortunately.

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There would be no way for your bucket to hold the pressure. The yeast sediment really isn't all that bad anyway. RDWHAHB until you can get a kegging system and don't worry about the yeast in the bottom of your bottles.

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I have no more sediment in my bottles than what I buy with a good bottled conditioned beer. I usually bulk condition for a least 4 weeks and sometimes longer. The longer you let it sit in bulk , the less sediment you have going into the bottles (and the better your beer tastes!).

Also, after you bottle if you let it carb for 4 to 6 weeks the sediment is compacted on the bottle bottom and will just stay there when you pour.

Okay, so all of what I typed above will be good advice after you make a few batches and can stand to be a little more patient.

Meanwhile....Welcome to HBT and have tons of fun brewing!
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Denny's Evil Concoctions
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Yeah, unless you get into kegging. Then you can buy an item that will allow you to fill a bottle from a keg.

For now, once the beer is conditioned fully, put it in the fringe and when cold pour very slowly leaving the last inch of beer/sediment. You'll get the hang of this. A light beihind the bottle makes it easier to se the sedminent.

Or you could brew hefe's and belgian beers which usually are supposed to have the yeast mixed in them.
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