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What temp do you dry hop in the keg? Thanks Ed for this easy recipe.

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I recall seeing "room temperature" somewhere back int he thread.

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Originally Posted by txcop View Post
What temp do you dry hop in the keg? Thanks Ed for this easy recipe.
Room temp for 10 days.

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JUST finished brewing this up. My OG was 1.079, but I came a little shy of 5 gals (I scaled down to 5 gals btw... :P)

I think I may just need a little more water to hit 5 gal after a 90 min boil

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I have 11 gallons of this ready to go into the kegs from primary for dry hopping. My question is what do you set the psi at for the kegs while they are dry hopping for 10 days at room temperature? Standard 2.5 volumes or a lower psi?

btw I've never dry hopped before, so this is my first time

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at room temp, I think most of us are just conditioning or dry hopping, not actually carbing up the beer. Seal it up with a good 30 or so psi boost, that will at least get you a little head start on carbing before you chill it down and put it on the gas permanently
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I am doing my first brew this Saturday and was thinking about making this. I want o make 10 gal though so please correct me if Im wrong but this is what I need

22# Pale ( What kind of Pale?)
2# Munich
24 oz. Crystal 60L

Single Infusion for 90 minutes at 154 degrees.

2 oz. Warrior 60 minutes
2 oz. Centennial 15 minutes
2 oz. Centennial 5 minutes

Also I was going to BIAB with a 15 gallon kettle. Would that be big enough to hold all of the water and grains?

Sorry for all the dumb questions
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That looks about right but that would be for an 11g batch. As far as the biab I haven't done that yet but I'm pretty sure you might have some problems with a 15 gallon kettle. I don't think there's any way you'll get ~14 gallons of water and 20+ pounds of grain to fit in there. You could do a single batch though.

But this is a great beer for your first brew so good luck. And Semper Fi to you


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Originally Posted by EdWort View Post
Use 6.6 pounds of DME and steep the Munich and the Crystal.
Couldn't the same effect be had steeping a Crystal Munich malt and likely get more fermentables out of it? Would it be worthwhile to BIAB partial mash 1# of munich malt grain then move on with the extract boil? just trying to figure out the best way to include the Munich element and stay as close to the original specs while using extract for the heavy lifting.

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Brewed this recipe today, 10 gallon batch. Looks great! Got 83% efficiency, so we ended up at 1.072. Oops. Really looking forward to tasting this!

I love Centennial hops.

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