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Bernie Brewer
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Originally Posted by Bsquared
My number one trick to save time is no beer till flame out.

This is Heresy!! Mods, Ban him!!!!
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Can't ban him, sorry... I only imbide modestly when brewing by myself, and the beer I make sobor has tended to be much better (and with fewer ****ups) than the stuff I've brewed with a buzz going.

As simple as it sounds, cleaning up as you go it the best way - by far - of dealing with the mess. I'll clean out the mash tun as soon as I'm done sparging and the wort's still coming up to boil. It's so much easier not to have a huge pile of stuff to do after you think you've finished. There's a lot of standing-around time during the boil, better to use that to clean up than to pick your ass.
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Got Trub?
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Originally Posted by the_bird
Can't ban him, sorry... I only imbide modestly when brewing by myself, and the beer I make sobor has tended to be much better (and with fewer ****ups) than the stuff I've brewed with a buzz going.
My experience also. Have a beer or two after the yeast is pitched.


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Jan 2008
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On the pumps, I hear ya that they could be a pain in the ass.

How about a compromise - use a cheap harbor freight pump but only use it for non-wort applicaitons (i.e. moving stuff from one vessel to another, or using it to pump pbw cleaning solution during clean-up, etc).

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Beer Dude in the Sunset
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[I"]question: does anyone start heating the wort while sparging is still going on? Of course you wouldn't want a full boil until sparging is done, I'm just thinking of ways to do things in parallel, and starting to heat the wort to sub-boiling while sparging is in progress seems like a potential time saver. Otherwise you sparge, then wait a while while the full kettle of wort comes up to temp."

I use an electric hot plate left over from my daughters dorm room to keep my sparge water hot. It won't bring 3 gallons to a boil, but it will keep it really hot. I did my whole mash one afternoon and left the wort on the hot plate until after my 4 year old went to bed.

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Denny's Evil Concoctions
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I sometimes run a food grade garden hose from the downstairs bathroom sink to my hlt so I have hot water to satrt with. That saves a ton of time, only need to heat it for about 5 min.

Switched to mostly one step mashes

Fill and heat sparge water while mashing.

Start boiling wort as the sparge is taking place.

Uh... usually leave the spent grains in the tun (covered so no critters) and empty when I'm not feeling lazy.
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1. Just unpack kettle at start of brew. Measure out strike water and put on to heat.
2. While waiting for strike water to come up to temp, unpack remaining equipment, warm up MLT, grind grain, and start session in Promash. (I heat strike and sparge water on the kitchen stove which gives me enough time.)
3. While mashing, rack previous brew, keg previous brew - 1, and heat mash out and sparge water.
4. Clean up and put away equipment as soon as it is finished with.

As for starting boil before sparge is complete, I stop the sparge when the gravity has dropped to 1.008 or when I have collected sufficient volume. If I started the boil before finishing the sparge, I would find it very difficult to judge the volume accurately, which could waste more time than I saved.


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Feb 2008
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All items to be sanitized go into my fermenting barrel, sprayed with iodophor+water, and they soak there for about 4-5 mins. Then I rinse the lid and turn it upside down and put it on my brew desk. All sanitized equipment goes on this lid, since it is sanitized.

For strike water, I'll draw and heat just what I need.

As mash begins, I'll draw and heat just the volume needed for the sparge.

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Originally Posted by tommymac
If you start heating the wort as its being sparged is ti of if ti comes to a boil before sparging is done? I had thought about doing that to save some time in the past but never did it.

For clean up I always dread it but is a necessary evil I guess.

I can't figure any reason not to fire up the kettle as soon as you have a gallon or more of wort in there. I'd keep the flame moderate as to keep it to a simmer at most but being at boiling temp by the end of the sparge is ideal to me.
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Jan 2007
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I brew in my garage close to my hot water heater and brew at night - usually friday nights. When I get home from work, I crank up my water heater and pull water straight from it. That way I start off with 120-140 degree water. Just make sure you let the family know that the water is extra hot. And don't forget to turn your water heater back down.

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