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Mar 2008
Madison, WI
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Based off Papazian's Palace Bitter, here is what I brewed:

5 lbs. English light dried malt extract
12 oz. Crystal malt (60L)
0.75 oz. English Fuggles (boiling - 60)
0.75 oz. Kent Goldings (boiling - 60)
0.25 oz. English Fuggles (flavor - 30)
0.25 oz. Kent Goldings (flavor - 30)
0.5 oz. Kent Goldings (15)
0.5 oz. Kent Goldings (aroma - 2)
TOTAL HOPS: 1 oz. Fuggles; 2 oz. Goldings
Wyeast British Ale 1098 - pitched at 70 degrees
0.75 cup corn sugar for priming

I had in the primary for one week, secondary for two, and it's been priming for two weeks now. I tried one at 10 days, and one at two weeks and they tasted the same. Pretty full bodied, very sweet, almost too much so (almost Boch-like), and almost no trace of hops at all. There's a slight dry finish to it, but that's all. And they seem very under carbonated. Good head when I first pour, but that falls pretty quick.
I don't have gravity readings because my hydrometer was giving me false info and I didn't become aware of until until later.

Does this just seem right for the recipe? Should I have let it ferment longer? Give it more time in the bottles? Is there any reason it would seem so flat, and so sweet?

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Dec 2007
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3 weeks @ 70 degrees minimum in the bottle, to fully clear,carb and condition....Some beers take longer.

This is a great thread with info on for the new brewer...And if you read it you'll notice that patience is the most important thing in brewing.. Homebrewed beer is a living entity, and it takes it's own time....
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Mar 2008
Madison, WI
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Thanks for the reply. Thankfuly, the brew won't be put in use fully for another 9 weeks (my wedding), so hopefuly it will carb better by then.
I've also been futsing around on brewcalculus.org and realizing that the extra 0.5# DME I added made a bigger difference than I thought it would. And that boiling only 1.5 gallons did not nearly utalize the hops as well as I would have liked (that and the hop bag). I'm brewing a steam beer tomorrow and will use more water in the boil, and no hop bags.
I love learning!

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Jun 2006
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I think you hit the reason why it's sweeter than expected. With poor hops utilization in the small boil, and the hops bags confining the hops, you just don't have enough bitterness to offset the sweetness. It'll be a good beer, just a bit sweeter than your plan.

Many people use hops bags with sucess, although I never used them. The key is to use as many bags as it takes to have the hops float loosely and not packed in.
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I agree about the poor hop utilization.

I only boil 1.5 gal per batch with 1 lb of malt and use very little (3-6AAs) hops.

Next time add only as many lbs of malt as you boil gals of water. This produces about a 1.040 wort which is great for hop utilization.

What was your OG and FG? Since your brew was sweet you either underhopped the wort or bottled too soon and your brew is not done fermenting. If this is the case then you have bottle grenades in your future.

By not using a hop bag you can get better utilization.
HB Bill

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