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Dec 2006
Conroe, TX
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I'm brewing this today.

10lb Golden Promise
1/2 carapils
1/2 british med crystal
1/2 aromatic
1/2 dom wheat
1/2 mclanoidin
1oz chocolate

1oz kent goldings 60min
1 1/2 uk fuggles 15
1/2 " " 0

Safale 04

Since i'm brewing today and dont know how to get calculations from any sort of software, can anyone help out with mash volume and temp? I need to sit down soon and learn how to use software for this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Feb 2008
Portland, OR
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Liked 54 Times on 43 Posts its and online brewing calculator that is great. Here is a water temp/volume calculator:

figure on 1.25 quarts per pound of grain.

Happy brewing, Tim

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Feb 2008
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I dont know who's but this came from someones signature on this forum

I used it for my first one last week
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Mar 2008
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I hate to be "that" guy, but honestly trying an all grain batch is a big deal if you have never done one before. It is important that you do a good amount of reading before hand so that you do an all right job. When I did my first one it was kind of hectic, and I had all the procedures outlined: mash temp, vol, etc...

I recommend reading as much as possible on They have an all grain procedure outlined to follow. You will definitely learn a ton! Happy reading

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Mar 2007
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I know it is far from scientific-and I'm a relative N00b to AG, but I've had success with the following general procedure:

-Heat up about 4 gallons of water to 170
-Dough in the water to the grain, stirring to make sure there's no lumps or dry pockets. Add a little grain, then a little water and repeat until it's the consistency of oatmeal (not too thick or too thin).
-Take the temp from various parts of the mash. If it's closer to 150-it'll finish more dry...closer to 160 it'll finish more sweet.
-Add hot or cold water to reach desired mash temp and close mash tun and let sit for 60-90 min.

I sparge until I have 6.5 gallons, and boil for an hour or until it gets down to 5.5 gallons (tends to boil off at a gallon an hour-or close to it).

That's the layman's terms...I know there are more precise ways, but the monks and the Egyptians never had any software either.

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Jan 2008
Richland, WA
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Don't be fooled AG is more involved, however in no way is it hard. Some of the links that have been put up are good, check them out. Also take a look at
Relax you will be fine just sit down relax and have a homebrew
Schlonghammer Ales
It tastes.......more fuller
I'm working as a pro now, but that doesn't mean I'm not still homebrewing. I'm going to see if I can homebrew at work as a way to develop new recipes.

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Chack out this guy he explains the process very well

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