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I'm forgive poor grammar and whatnot.

George was my BOC (Big Orange Cat). He was a good boy. We put him to sleep today.

He was almost 13 years old. I adopted him from a bad situation in 2000. He was abused so badly that he was blind in one eye and not real bright. Therefore, he did not exhibit your "typical" cat behavior. He was very mellow and slow. It was 18 months after I got him that he remembered how to purr, and then he never stopped. He also was so traumatized that he had the compulsion to get up whenever he was petted. No laying down for him during cat lovin' was years before he could accept affection without being on guard. His favorite activity was to go watch a water bucket. No kidding. For a half hour or more, he'd just stare at the water and think deep George thoughts. It was a daily occurance.

He had been in chronic renal failure for the past few months, but was increasingly uncomfortable. Today, we made the very difficult decision that George was no longer happy in this world. I buried him just a few feet from where Howard and I exchanged vows just over a year ago, then planted some flowers.

Godspeed, George. We loved you, and love you still.

He's the big orange guy on the right.
Jill Mc

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Mar 2008
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sorry to hear!

dedicate a brew to him. something to remember him by. was he named after george fix by any chance?

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Sorry to hear about George. He sounds like a very cool guy. As an owner of multiple cats over the years I know how you are feeling right now. Remember the fun times and appreciate that you were able to make most of his years pleasurable ones. Here's to George!

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George was a lucky kitty to have found you. God speed George!
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Here's to George. I didn't know him, but I know we would have gotten along great.

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Im really sorry to hear that. Theres a beer in my hand now thats being tipped to George and every pet Ive had to bury in the last year. Cheers.
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I'm so sorry...that decision must have been incredibly hard for you. If it means anything, I think you did the right thing.

I have a rescue cat myself, and you're absolutely in my thoughts today. When I get home, there'll be a toast to you and to George.
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I'm sitting here with my shelter-rescued cat and my shelter-rescued dog, and we're lifting one up to George. Well, I am. The cat and dog are more into water than beer.

Thanks for giving George a good life.
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Feb 2008
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My mom has a cat that looks very similar to that one. Its an orange cat named Garfield. Every time I go out to her house I make sure to visit Garfield, one of the coolest cats ever. It is 18 years old and is getting pretty skinny, but still manages to catch mice! Sorry for your loss, as I know my mom will have a hard time when hers goes.
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Seabee John
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Very sorry to hear of your loss. I'm not a cat person, but I rescued Frankie (my cat) back in 2000. My wife, definitely not a cat person and very allergic, married me in 2003. Frankie now follows her everywhere and sleeps on her head every night. I don't think my wife could have made it through my deployment to Iraq in 2006 if it wasn't for Frankie. I absolutely dread the day I have to make a decision like yours.

I wish you comfort.

oh, and here's a photo of Frankie doing what she does best.

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