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Mar 2008
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I made my first batch of beer on sunday 3-16-08 and after just 12 hours it started to bubble out of the air lock. After 24 hours it was alot stronger, but when i woke up this morning 3-18-08 it really slowed down. I am concerned about the temperature of the wort (and the yeast). Since I do not have a basement, and my garage is way too cold, i had to keep it in a corner of my house. Also, the thermometer i bought just before i made it, starts at 100f, so i couldn't get a good temp reading before i pitched the yeast. After pitching the yeast my best temp reading i could get was 72 degrees(based on a digital house theremometer). This morning, the same theremometer was reading 76, and ferementation was slowing. So, i am wondering it the temp jump could have caused the slowing, or do i need to pitch some more yeast (muntons dry). I put the wort into a bucket and filled it with cold water to try and bring the temp down, but as i am writing this, there is no activity in my air lock (not sure if that is due to me moving the bucket around getting it into the ice bath).

someone please help.

the beer is a smooth nut brown ale from midwest supplies.

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The fermentation process varies in speed (and temperature changes will make major differences). The only way to know if it's done is to check the gravity.
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Be careful, an ice bath may cool it too much and too quickly. Yeast don't like temperature shock. Ale yeast I believe does best at 68-72 (varies a bit by strain). My best advice: get a thermometer. Then, if you really must cool the beer, do so gently (say, with cool, not cold, water... maybe 60F?).

And don't worry! It's probably fine.
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Mar 2008
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I think seeing some slow down after 2 days is normal. I notice most of my activity is during the first 38 hours then it slows down and will continue to do so.

I would find a nice dark corner of the basement but since you don't have that I would maybe try to find a drafty room or near a window. Either way I think you are fine.

Wait it out for a couple more days then take a gravity reading.

worst case you can always re pitch some yeast so i wouldn't worry too much.

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Sep 2007
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to put things into perspective, I made a really low gravity a week ago last sunday that stopped visible signs of fermentation by tuesday and was practically at finishing gravity. A couple times the krauzen on my Hefeweizen's have fallen within 3-4 days.

It will still be beer and good at that.


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