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So a buddy of mine one way or another received a gift certificate from Northern Brewer for 70 bucks. My buddy is not a brewer by any means and had no interest in using the certificate. I made away with the certificate in a trade for a few of my Dunkelweizen homebrews. Awesome deal if you ask me

The question is, what do I buy?

Currently I am in the 5 gal partial mash stages of brewing with a makeshift mash tun, 7.5 gal brewpot, propane burner, etc.

#1) I dont have a wort chiller (the -20º brew days this winter I chilled in the snow)
-The 70 dollars could straight up pay for the Standard Chiller 3/8"x25' with hose fittings and then I could start doing full boils

#2) Id like to make the move into all grain with a proper mash tun and HLT.
-The 70 dollars would take a good chunk of the cost for the 5 gallon Deluxe AG system.

So I guess Im wondering what you folks would do in my shoes?

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If I were in your shoes, I'd by the All Grain Gear since there should be snow for a while to come.

How ever if I had the 70 I'd buy the wort chiller since right now its 70 degrees outside here in So. Cal

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It's tough to do AG without a chiller. I'd buy that first.
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I'd buy the chiller. You can make a great mash tun yourself for less than $40.00.

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I'm with David and Eddie. The chiller's going to cost a fair amount of coin as a DYI project, just because of the cost of the materials. Spend the cert on that, then build yourself a proper mash tun for a fraction the cost of buying one. You'll be all set for AG (well, if you can boil six gallons... and you may want a bigger brewpot at some point).
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I say buy the chiller, or call me and I'll get you hooked up with the new and improved, super cheap, super secret, stainless convoluted IC available soon from D&D Brew haus... either way, get a chiller, you will be glad you did.
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Another vote for the chiller here. You need to get a good cold break. It will also cut down your brew time significantly.
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Agreed. Chiller it is.

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You could buy 20,000 Korean dollars from me for it.

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