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I made my first all grain batch on Tuesday and after a few mishaps in the brewery things went well. Because i was using my bottling bucket with a heating element in the bottom I ran low on sparge water. I also used 13 pounds of grain and about 5 ounces of hops . After the 90 minute boil my kettle had about 5 gallons of wort. After running about 3.5-4 gallons through my counter flow chiller it stopped draining . I looked in the kettle and saw about 1 gallon of total trub. Part of this is due to 5 ounces of hop PELLETS not in a bag (I don't know why i keep using pellets instead of whole) and other reason is because I did not recirculate the mash enough. After 3 quarts I thought is looked clear but I was wrong. After sparging a gallon into the kettle it got really clear. Now I know what 'clear' means. So should I top off to 5 gallons in the secondary or just let it go at a bit less than 4 gallons?

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If you're less than or near your target OG, I'd leave it go. Only if I was a lot higher than my target OG would I add water.

Personally, I'd probably leave it alone regardless, but that's just me.

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I would leave it alone. Adding a gallon of water will water down your beer and who wants that? (Besides BMC drinkers) Four gallons of good beer is better than five gallons of bad beer.
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if you use hops you well get less wort because the hops soak up the wort, unless you squeeze the hops to get the last bit of wort out, I have a 15 gallon kettel so i get about 10-12 gallons of wort and I use pellets and I may loose about a quart maybe a little less. note I whirlpool my wort prior to cooling and that helps

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