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Can someone help me with what I should be adding to my RO water? Is it beer specific, or can I add the same thing to all batches? I know a bunch of you out there brew with RO like me -- what do you guys do?
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Mar 2008
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I am not sure, I have access to RO/DI water since I have saltwater fish tanks... It's cheap too, I am curious what ppl are doing?
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I have tried making my own water profile using salts etc. Some call for a allot to match a certain profile like burton for example. I just find that in my own opinion you can over do the salt additons if your not careful.
I use RO water all the time. I love it. I know my Houston water is great for making stouts not because I understand it but because everyone in my club says so and I just follow the leader. So for stouts I just use filtered tap water.
Almost all my other beers I mix 9 gallons of RO with 1 gal of filtered Tap water. Its been working great so far. Am I right I just dont know. But it works great for me. In my area the RO water PH is kinda low also which is good for me. Now and then I will add acid to my sparge water, but it dont take much.
Good luck

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I guess Im a total noob...what is RO/DI water? Dont make me feel too dumb when you tell me if its somethinig obvious...(Ive had a few homebrews tonight)
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Jan 2005
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Reverse osmosis and Distilled

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Building up your own water is best done with lots of knowledge and some good software (a free one is BreWater 3.0 -- Or you can purchase packets of 'instant water' customized for a particular region/style (just add distilled water).

If you can't do either of these, spring water usually provides a decent middle-of-the-road water profile that can be used to brew most beers. No fiddling or water chemistry knowledge required.

Do you have really nasty tap water? Most people just use that and make fine beer.

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You really need to understand Residual Alkalinity that's where it all begins at. Read Palmers book in chapter 15 there you will gain water knowledge.
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RO/DI is Reverse Osmosis and DeIonized. It's pretty much 100% pure water. I have an RO/DI unit for my saltwater reef tanks also. I was actually worried a bit about using it for brewing as I would have to add a ton of salts back into the water, so I thought it counter productive. However, I do carbon filter my RO/DI unit to .5 micron before the RO membrane, so at that point it has scrubbed off a lot of salts and all of the chlorine. So I've tapped the RO unit before the membrane so that I triple filter my brewing water to .5 micron, then add 5.2 and forget about it.


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