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Aug 2006
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Here's a hint, you c*cksuckers: don't subcontract out your deliveries (arguably the most important part of your business) to halfwitted rednecks who make Barney Fife look like Steven Hawking.

Let's recap. First, awhile back, I had ordered some protein bars that were heat-sensitive (I paid extra for cold-paks). FedEx somehow couldn't find my house for FIVE days (even though we live in a common neighborhood that is easily found with a simple gmaps or mapquest search). It occurred to me after 4 days that it's not that they couldn't find it, as they claimed, but that I was towards the end of their daily route and they just wanted to go home early, so they just said "attempted delivery, couldn't find address" to get out of it. Ah, melty protein bars!

The next time, I sent it to my office, because, well, it's downtown, so it's more readily accessible and maybe they'd find it easier. Instead, they deliver it to the people downstairs (I'm not quite sure how you mistake suite 100 for suite 200). After calling the local FedEx manager 10 times, I find out that it was delivered down there, and went all the way back to my office to get it because there was liquid yeast in there.

Yesterday, third f*cking strike. I was on a business day trip all day, and on my way back, around 4pm, I get a call. No idea who it is at first because the guy is talking like Larry the Cable Guy with marbles in his mouth. Finally, I am able to make out "Fudix" and "can't git in yer building". I put 2 and 2 together, and tell him to go to the 2nd floor and our office is right across from the elevator---suite 200, like it says on the box. He says, "aww, yah, uhkay, I got in, thanks mang". I thought, hey, good, my hop rhizomes should be waiting for me at the office when I get back.

Are they? NO! I went around to all the other places in the building looking to see if they simply delivered to the wrong address again, but to no avail. So who knows where my package is right now!! It could be in Albuquerque for all I know!

SO: here's a great big F*CK YOU going out to FedEx, the halfwitted subcontractor delivery man that they hired, and to Midwest Supplies for not only using FedEx, but also for not giving me a goddamned tracking #.

I'm fed up with FedEx. I will hereby boycott any online shop that uses them as their primary (cheapest, etc.) shipper.
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Funny thing is USPS is better, cheaper and more reliable than FedEx in Alaska. FedEx has its largest hub in Anchorage and its still the slowest most expensive place to ship anyhting.
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Feb 2007
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In my experience, it's always the most expensive.

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Jan 2008
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Fedex is terrible - at work we ship all the time through USPS, UPS, FedEX, and DHL. The only time we have problems is with FedEx - they subcontract through too many different companies - in Seattle through Kinko's, which is a consumer print shop - WTF. We have promised people their product shipped overnight early AM delivery and FedEx has sent it to the wrong hub delaying the delivery by 2 days, no compensation and no apology.
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The Pol
Feb 2007
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Thier pilots have a sweet gig though, have to admit. So you recieved, or were supposed to recieve your shipment of rhizomes from Midwest already? I thought that they said April 1st they should get them in... sweet, maybe my (6) roots will be showing up soon. I have never had a problem with Fed Ex... maybe I get special treatment since I am also in the air transport business, and I have never seen them sub-contract. Anyone know what DHL service is like?

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Mar 2008
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I just got a delivery from Fedex. Right day, early no complaints really 'cept one. I was home and guy just threw the box (or dropped it from a moderate height) on the porch and left. No knock no ring of the bell nothing. That always annoys the crap out of me. Maybe just maybe someone is home and maybe they are busy and dont' hear the sound of the delivery truck or the dropping of the box. Oh well I got my stuff so I'm happy.

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DHL uses subs in their DHL marked vans. It says so on the door of the vehicle. The thing that pisses me off about them is that they drive in the HOV lane during rush hour and they do not drive properly qualified vehicles for the HOV nor do they have more than 1 person in the vehicle.

The DHL drivers all bail out of the HOV lane at a critical freeway choke point which backs up both the HOV lane and the regular lanes.

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Oct 2007
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What end of fed-x are you talking about here? They have so many different divisions now it's hard to keep track. If you're talking about ground or home yeah, they suck. But regular fed-x is usually pretty good. If your tracking number was more than 12 digits it was ground or home.
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For the love of beer!
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UPS in the UK are very good. I use them for business all the time.
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Sep 2006
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I hate em too.All my Fedex stuff comes to me in the mail.That's right,Fedex mails my stuff to me.One of my biggest peeves is online retailers who won't use the postal service which is usually the ONLY way to ship to rural Alaska.I used to boycott any vendors who wouldn't use the USPS but it's so bad now cause EVERYONE uses UPS or truly sucks!

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