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NB Gold LME is a Pale malt with some Carapils. NB uses their Gold LME in their Belgian beers kits.

Pale malt fits within guidelines of a Dubbel or Trippel Belgian Ale.

I have made and have about 3 of these in the fermenter now. I started drinking one of them I had bottled for about 4 weeks.

It tastes like a really strong Pale Ale. If I were to up the hops a little it would be a bad as Pale Ale.

How can I tone this down a little more? I have 33#'s of their Gold LME and I dont want to continue boiling a bunch of Pale Ales when I want Belgian Ales.

I think the solution would be to add 4 lbs of Pilsen Grain as partial mash and 8lbs (4 batches ) of the NB Gold to get rid of the 33# I have left. Is it ok to mix these two grains? Will the Pilsen tone down this Pale malt a little?

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What's your recipe(s)? Are you adding any simple sugars? What yeast are you using? How long did you ferment?

Answers to all/any of these will help someone answer your question.
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I thought to elaborate further and put a recipe and all. But then I thought that this post would read like a Truman Capote novel.

I then reflected on the best way to ask does Pale Malt and Pilsner Malt mix well and will it make an acceptable Belgian Ale as the Pale Malt is making Pale Ales and thats not what I want.

I decided the best way to do this without putting folks to sleep is to just ask :

Does Pale Malt and Pilsner Malt mix well together? Will the Pilsen Malt tone down that taste of Pale Ale Im getting now in my finished product? keep in my mind these are Trippels and Dubbels Belgina Ales.

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For the Tripel, you want to use Pils. You can use the Pale Malt in the Dubbel. I agree though in that if you are getting it to taste like a Pale Ale then you might want to make sure you are getting your yeast to give you the flavors you are after, and the sugar is important as well. To specifically answer your question though, you could mix them (Dubbel) bit in the future if you want to repeat it then you'll have to have that malt on hand.
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You could mix them, but without other key ingredients that make a beer 'Belgian' in style, you'll never achieve belgian pale, dubbel, or trippel style. You'll always have, "strong pale ale" so to speak... This is why we've requested the recipe.

If you are using cascade hops for example - it's probably going to be more pale ale than belgian, where you would want hallarteau or something.

If you are not using any invert sugar - candi or even just table sugar - it's probably not going to finish as dry as necessary. A critical aspect of a belgian.

If you are not using a liquid belgian yeast strain - Trappist Ale, Abbey Ale, etc. then that is your biggest problem. This is the key ingredient above all else in making an authentic belgian...

With that said, are you making "strong pale ale" or are you making belgians?
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For my first intereptation of a strong dark I staggered NB, Hallertauer, & Tettnang with 1# 20L crystal and 4oz choc for the darkness. Total of 9# of dme ext lt and amber, 2# Candy sugar and trappist ale yeast WL (starter). Will bottle with Belgian ale yeast being that I have that in the fridge. (Hoping it will be fine, I've had it since november) This will be sitting at least a month to 3 in the secondary and then bottles for around a year to be ready for next summer :-) Primary was approx 14 days. Also about 3-4 vols of carb Fermentation is steady 67-68F

Estimated at 8.37%
SG 1.077
FG 1.013.
SRM 15.9 ( I have this odd feeling its darker)
IBU 20.8

When racked had a nice smell to it
Next batch I will work up the special grains a bit depending on how this turns out.

Originally Posted by RoaringBrewer
ing a liquid belgian yeast strain - Trappist Ale, Abbey Ale, etc. then that is your biggest problem. This is the key ingredient above all else in making an authentic belgian...
I used a trappist for my holiday ale at ferm temp of around 75-78 and mmmm fruit it was fruity Strong aroma of bananas.

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john from dc
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one thing i've noticed in the few belgians i've brewed is that the cooler i ferment, the less yeast character comes through. 65 degrees gets me a beer that's definitely belgian, but pretty tame where 71 will get me an explosion of ester flavor (i've been using the white labs belgian yeast as well).

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Have a listen to the Jamil show on Belgian Golden Strong Ale. Might give you some good ideas. Remember to do a 90 minute boil if you're using the Pils malt to get rid of the DMS.
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