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Kevin Dean
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Jul 2007
Frederick, MD
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In Kentucky I used to deliver pizza. We had something similar to that happen...

Some people stumbled in, opened up the pizza box to reveal half a pizza with fresh green leaves (like, from their front yard) mushed into the cheese. They demanded their money back and a remake because "Yall put green peppers on it!".

Best. Responce. Ever.

"Why did you dumbasses eat half the pizza if you didn't want the "green peppers" it had on it? I'm not making you **** and don't you DARE throw that pizza in my dumpster!"
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Oct 2007
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Originally Posted by Rhoobarb
Oh, I can see her being the type to knock back about a half case of Miller Light and an entie box of Snackwell cookies and think she's eating and drinking smart. Probably tells her fat trailer park girlfriends "Ah been watchin' mah weight real good. I just don't git why ah cain't seem to lose none." Yeah, she looks like she's been watching her weight alright. Just like she watches Jerry Springer during the week and NASCAR on Sundays.
Heh there hang on a minute. Springer is quality, the spin-off with his baldy security guard "Steve" is even better. We can agree on Nascar, which I just don't get at all.

I went to dinner once with this cheapo guy and he complained about a maggot in his meal - the rest of us were sure he put it on the plate, but we didn't catch him at it, unfortunately!
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Originally Posted by Kevin Dean
... "Why did you dumbasses eat half the pizza if you didn't want the "green peppers" it had on it? I'm not making you **** and don't you DARE throw that pizza in my dumpster!"
That's great! You hate to do it as a habit, but sometimes it's better to just turn away business than to have to deal with idiots like that.

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Old 03-08-2008, 12:05 AM   #14
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Dec 2007
Canberra, ACT Australia
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Oh! That poor woman!

Not only did she get traumatised by the maggot on her plate, but they invaded her privacy by breaking into her personal belongings and rifling through them. PLUS, who's to say they didn't PLANT those maggots in her bag after ripping through her personal belongings?

Sounds like a lawsuit to me! BRING ON THE LAWYERS!
This Isn't Nam Smokey, There Are Rules.

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Old 03-08-2008, 12:33 AM   #15
Burrowing Owl Brewery
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Jul 2007
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Here's another one

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Sir Humpsalot
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Nov 2006
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I actually called a pizza place back last night because they botched our order... forgot the mushrooms.

I told 'em straight up, the pizza is fine, we're eating it, but you charged us for, and omitted, the mushrooms.

They told us to order again from them and they'd take care of us...

Fine. Whatever. I hate folks that make a scene, I mean really, what's a couple of maggots?
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Jul 2006
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After seeing this movie, I either don't complain or if I do, I send it back and have it taken off the bill. I don't give them a second chance. Too many bad memories.



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