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Dec 2007
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My first batch is an American Light style, you can't screw this up, extract kit from Defalco's.

I bottled it 3 weeks ago and have been sampling it along the way.

It HAD a rather sweet taste to it, seemed a little to sweet too me, but was a pretty good tasting beer. At least my kids would drink it as opposed to the commercial ales I bought to sample that they poured out.

This afternoon I put some in the fridge to chill. I poured one when chilled. It had a small head, but tasted very bitter, like an IPA, or some of the bitter pale ales I have bought to sample.

Why did it go bitter ? What can I make that doesn't bitter ? Is it the hops that bitter ? Some of the commercial hefes didn't taste too bad.

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Can you post your recipe as well as how long you had this in primary and secondary? That would help in trying to determine the source of the problem.

At what temperature did the bottles condition?
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Also have you given a read?
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Dec 2007
Kingwood (Houston)
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1 can (3-4 lbs.) hopped malt extract
2 lbs unhopped malt extract
1 oz. hops
3/4 cup corn sugar (for priming)
1 - 2 pkgs top fermenting yeast
1 pkg Bru-Vigor (yeast food)

I followed the 2 stage instructions located here -

My OG was 40, my FG was 10
10 days in primary to final fg.
14 days in clarifier
21 days in bottle

When I racked it, it had a nice sweet taste at 10 days. When I transferred to secondary + 14 days it has a slight sweet taste. Last night, + 21 days in bottle, it has a bitter taste like in an IPA and some of the more bitter pale ales.

I think it must taste like it is suppose to taste. I just don't like that taste. I don't like the bitter taste. Some of the Hefes have a nice mouthy feel and are slightly sweet. I can tolerate this. I suppose what I want to brew is a lager, but I don't have any temp control to try it

I guess I'll just go to the store and get me a case of Miller Light !!!

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Oct 2007
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whoa let's not do anything rash...just take it slow and easy, breathe, and put...the...BMC...down!

No seriously you'll probably want to avoid hopped extract in the future and just really control the amount of hops, there are plenty of beers you can make that aren't very bitter. Maybe look into some English styles like brown ale, mild ale, or ordinary bitter (despite the name not usually that bitter). It seems to me (I'm still a noob so take that with a grain of salt) that pale beers usually have higher bitterness. You could try making a hefe, that's super easy and not very hop-centered. You don't even really need a recipe, just try:

6.6 lbs Wheat LME
1/2 oz Hallertau at beginning of boil
Hefeweizen yeast

Boil a couple pounds of the LME with the hops for 45 minutes, add the rest of the LME and boil for 15. Cool down to below 80 and pitch. Let that thing ferment for 10 days and bottle (if fermentation is done). You can be drinking it in another 10 days and it'll be tasty.

Another option you could do is sweet stout, oatmeal stout, breakfast stout...

I don't know anything about lagering so I can't speak to that, but you definitely don't need to lager to have non hop-centered beers.
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Feb 2008
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yeah, I agree with the above posts. Stay away from the hopped extracts. You don't know how much "hop" flavor is in the extract. Plus on top of that you used hops so...there is posiblely your "bitter" taste.

If you could describe the bitter taste though it might not be the hops. You may have a contamination. How was your sanitization at bottleing time? What types of bottles did you use?

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Dec 2007
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Yeah, as others said use unhopped extract and use a calculator to plug your ingredients into figure out what you're going to end up with.

I use this for quick calculations...

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Where did you store your bottles in the interim? Could they have been exposed to excess sunlight or heat? I'm wondering if you skunked em?

The other possibility, is that you simply prefer sweeter, less hoppy beers, and once they bottle conditioned to how this recipe was supposed to taste, you didn't like it.


But don't give up and go back to the dreaded BMC....

Hey, you're interesting in Lagering...I've heard about this video, that talks about being able to do it without a chest freezer, even in Arkansas Summers....I've never seen it, but I hear it's pretty good...I don't like lagers myself, so that's why I haven't checked into the video...Just heard about it.
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When did you add that other ounce of hops?

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Jun 2007
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You give your little kids beer!!!You Bastard!!
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