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Old 03-03-2008, 07:34 PM   #1
Jan 2008
East coast, Virginia
Posts: 205

I have a can of Coopers IPA that I could use some
advice on. Instruction wise - It calls for Kicker, but states no alternative
measurement for DME. Nor does it give me an estimated
OG, or projected FG.
Could someone give me a few suggestions here??
Here's a few things I have on hand to fire off this batch..
I have 3-4 # of light DME, and wyeast 1056.
Various pellets in oz's...cent. casc. cryst.colum. sazz. ukent.

Also, any FG I should be shooting for ??

Thanks for any ideas.


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Old 03-04-2008, 01:41 AM   #2
Mar 2008
Lancaster Co., PA
Posts: 100

I've made this one twice, the second one was better than the first. I made it with:

1 Can Coopers IPA
2 LBS Light DME
2/3LBS Corn Sugar
.5oz Liberty for 20 min
.5oz Liberty for 1min
.5oz Fuggles for 1 min
8oz Maltodextrine
Kit Yeast


Boil 2 gallons of water, added the Maltodextrine and cor sugar; added .5oz o Liberty for 20 minutes. At 1 minute added the .5oz Liberty and .5oz Fuggles, removed from heat, mixed in the kit and the DME. Cooled and added to 4 gallons of cold water to make 6 gallons total.

In all honesty, the weird combination of hops was due to the fact that they were what I had on hand! I used some corn sugar because I had read somewhere that Cooper's yeasts are formulated to work with at least a small amount of sugar.

It wasn't bad, buut the next time I'll use more English hops to finish, or maybe some to dry hop.

I enjoy Cooper's kits, mainly due to the time constraints I'm under these days - taking an entire day to brew a batch of all-grain isn't possible right now.

Good luck with your IPA - let us know how it came out!

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Old 03-04-2008, 02:24 AM   #3
Jan 2008
East coast, Virginia
Posts: 205

Thanks rocketcrab.
I had some free time this afternoon...which I will not have
for awhile, so I took the plunge, and started the batch.
I used the coopers malt with 4lbs of LDM (late), and
3 ozs of Cascade at flame out. OG @ 1.060 , so I think
It'll be fine. I opted low on hops since the Lmalt obviously
had it's own, and I don't know it's bittering rate.

One thing I did this time, and never have done was dump
the trub along with the wort into the carboy. Mainly because
I felt it was really my cascade from flame out, and should stay
with the wort at least until secondary. Hopefully it'll be fine.



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