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I'm not a fanatic. Never really paid a lot of attention to the circuits or individual drivers. But lately, since I've been brewing in the brewshop every weekend, I find myself very entertained by watching NASCAR races on the weekends.

A good race just about fills the brew session and I really enjoy overall production and commentators.

I also gotta believe that amongst those thousands of RV's, there a re a few homebrewers enjoying some HB on Saturday/Sundays.

Anyone else a fan (or growing fan) of the races?

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I don't follow it now, but I used to catch a few races in years past. If you ever get the opportunity, try to get to a race in person. TV doesn't do justice to the speed and the sound. A visit to the local short track is also a lot of fun for a Saturday night.


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There's a short track on the drive to the HBS. I'm thinking next summer, Cassie'll be old enough to stop by and watch a race. I can't watch racing on TV (still better than listening to it on the radio ), but I have good memories of seeing some races in person when I was a kid.
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Yup, im a Tony Stewart fan.

Even fatter with the mullet.

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I use to be an avid fan and followed it very closely. The past couple of years its gone way too comercial, and I espescially cant stand Fox's coverage. Driver's shift around like bubble gum cards and it is a pain to keep track. NASCAR has done every thing possible to take the passion out of the sport. Drivers hardly ever say how they really feel about being put in the wall and victory lane might as well be a confrence room. Dont get me started about the IRL guys, specifically Montoya...
Still a dia hard Harvick fan but I wont plan my sunday around the races any more.

The car of today does look like it may make things interesting again.
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i usually go to MIS every fathers day weekend but due to budget constraints i have to choose between that and the NHC i think NHC is gonna win
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Yup, we're into it...

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I can't say I ever understood it. I've tried to watch, especially after I got my first HD programming. I love wrenching on cars and have been into hot rods and drag racing (not the commercial BS). I have all kinds of respect for the individual aspects of driving, crew, etc but the big picture is just a bunch of billboards going in a circle and occassionally wrecking.
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2nd Street Brewery
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I watch, usually in a few NASCAR pools and I'm going to the fall race in Dover this year. It will be only my second live race but first oval, saw my first race at Watkins Glen a couple of years ago.
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