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Feb 2008
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We like the potato/ egg salad mixture.
8-10 red potatoes boil then cool so they are firm
4-5 eggs chopped
mustard & mayo enough to keep potatos moist not too much
celery finely chopped we like them chunky
dill pickles finely chopped same here
gratted onion the sweet one I forget name we use cheese gratter so get more onion flavor than chunks raw onion. Vadalia maybe?
green olives chopped
Dash of Tony Sach's
mix, sprinkle with paprika on top. Put in fridge for as long as you can hold out better over night stir and enjoy.
I feel I forgot something if I remember I will edit
The tangy and coldness goes well with warm moist brisket.

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When I smoke a Brisket I like to cut up a bunch of Red skin's and onions and wrap with tin foil and add a little rosemary and butter and maybe a touch of frech garlic.

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Another one of my favorite side dishes is cheesy potatoes. Warning, this isn't exactly "heart healthy" . But if you're looking for a really easy side, this might be for you.
  • 2 lbs frozen hash brown potatoes, thawed (they're the small-diced cubes from Ore Ida, or you could always use fresh)
  • 1 stick butter, melted
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1/2 cup chopped scallions
  • 2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese
  • 8 ounces sour cream
Mix all ingredients, put into a 13x9 pan and bake 45 minutes at 350*.

Optional, you can top with 1 cup crushed corn flakes before baking.

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Bacon-jalapeno-cheddar cornbread.

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Stuffed jalapenos are great. Cut the top off of a jalapeno or cut it in half (it depends on how hot you want it). Core out the veins and seeds. Mix up some patty sausage or chopped beef with some cream cheese or soft, grated cheddar and whatever else sounds good to you. Stuff that stuff in the jalapeno. Wrap the whole thing with a slice of bacon (or half a slice, if that will do). Stick a toothpick through it and put it on the pit until it's cooked through and the bacon is done. Unless you cook it very hot, the bacon will not be crispy, but it's still mighty good.

Beer is good for anything from hot dogs to heartache.

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I'm just yanking your chain a bit, big john. I won't be in MA for awhile, not at least until I have to jinx the Pats again.

Smoked Brisket just sounded yummy this morning, especially on a empty stomach with bad work coffee.

Hope your event and practice events go well. In the long-run it's all about the company, right?
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Originally Posted by olllllo
I'm just yanking your chain a bit, big john. I won't be in MA for awhile, not at least until I have to jinx the Pats again.

Smoked Brisket just sounded yummy this morning, especially on a empty stomach with bad work coffee.

Hope your event and practice events go well. In the long-run it's all about the company, right?
No worries there, thanks for the good wishes. I don't even mind if you jinx the Pats.
I thought you were talking about another larger than life figure here on the forum. That is due for a Providence visit. But if you do happen to come out this way again and plan on being in eastern mass for more than catching a plane. We'd be honored to have your company. We have plenty of beer and the grill or smoker never needs a reason to be fired up.
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+1 to TexLaw

My friend and I have been freakin obsessed with "bacon crabs" lately and their SUPER easy.

Cut the top off a jalepano and slice in half, deseed. Put in a half a string cheese and a half a crab stick (thats how the immitation crab comes) wrap in bacon and secure with a tooth pick. Cook however you want: grill, oven, whatever. I haven't tried them on the smoker yet but that might work.

I'v got some pics on my phone...I'll try and post them.

Enjoy that brisket and don't add sauce!

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A mound of sliced brisket.
Buttered hamburg buns grilled on a hot griddle.
Generous application of hot sauce.
Big wad of cole slaw.

Nuff said! What else could you possible add to that plate that wouldn't detract from the perfection that is already on it?

Damn, if I started right now it wouldn't be ready till tomorrow. OTOH, tomorrow is my birthday and what a BD meal that would be!

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Taters onions and carrots drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with garlic+ whatever you like and wrapped in foil. Buttered corn on the cob, with salt pepper and hot pepper, wrapped in foil too. Add to bottom rack of smoker.

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