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Jul 2007
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I have some hard cider ( 3 gallons ) and I would like to know what amount of dextrose or apple concentrate to add to get the carbonation like a bottle of StrongBow cider. Seem like a nice balance between carbed and still.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Nov 2008
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I can only tell you that if your target is Strongbow with a slight level of carbonation AND a slight level of residual sweetness, you almost have to keg the cider and force carbonate. When the cider has fermented fully,kill off all active yeast with campden tablets then add apple juice concentrate to required sweetness/tartness,then slightly carbonate(forced). If you have the ability to bottle only it will be more difficult but possible with experimentation. When fermentation is complete you will add apple juice to taste and then some to compensate for the additional sugar that will be fermented for carbonation. Next bottle the cider and let fermentation occur(room temp) do not let the bottles stay out or the finished cider will be very dry and carbonated, the trick is to refridgerate to a fairly cool temp at just the right time, this will halt the action of the yeast stoppping the carbonation and leaving some sweetness.

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Sep 2008
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You could let it ferment out until it is still, add some unfermentable sugar(i.e. lactose splenda) until you get your desired level of sweetness and then add your apple concentrate and then bottle. There should be a few yeasties in there to get a bottle carb going. I usually add 1 can of concentrate for 5 gallons.
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I gotta cut in, while there is some good advice being thrown around, this was a question from 9 months ago... haha

With that said, for any new brewers that read this, be very very careful if you are going to go the route that homebrewski suggested. If you let it bottle condition too long before cooling them, or if you don't cool them enough, or several other options, you are leaving residual sugars in your brew and if you give the yeast a chance at them, you've got bottle bombs.
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Oct 2008
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Agree. Also if you are force carbing and don't want the yeast to kick up I would suggest adding benzoate, since sulfite will not kill the yeast (just stun then for a while until you forget about the bottles and they overcarb or pop)

BTW I would GUESS strongbow is about 1.5-2 volumes of CO2 for carbonation.

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