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You know Rich... Your recipe and technique COULD have worked. It sees to be an improvement over my *attempt*.

Did you??
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Originally Posted by blacklab
I did but you kept changing my post.

EDIT - apparently TxBrew thought I was trying to spoil your joke. I was actually really wondering if you were serious considering the date.
Ho-kay okay, let's calm down. People of Home Brew Talk, do you declare Shenanigans on this thread?


Okay, olllllllo, do you accept this decree of Shenanigans?

Well, in the end it doesn't matter does it, so that settles it! Everybody grab a broom, it's Shenanigans!
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Originally Posted by quixotic View Post
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Originally Posted by SuperiorBrew
You guys were joking? F**K
I am sorry but I would have sworn you were in on this whole thing, then again, maybe you were! Good fun.
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LOL. It was fun trying to get these into a Better Bottle with a little Montrachet.

What a hoot!

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Originally Posted by Professor Frink
I'm waiting for the "My Apfelwein with Meat fermentation hasn't started" thread in the next day or two.

Well done olllllo, good times.
Exactly - I was thinking about posting an "Is my meatfulwein ruined?" thread in the beginners forum under a new account... but work is just out of control just now.

EDIT: "I didn't have any pork so I used a can of Spam. Is my meatfelwein ruined?"
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my roommate made these once on a dare:

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

They were actually some of the best cookies I've tasted!
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Old 04-02-2008, 11:57 PM   #107

Originally Posted by EdWort
LOL. It was fun trying to get these into a Better Bottle with a little Montrachet.

What a hoot!
You know bacon/smoke and apples could go together...

... as a less gross approach.... Rauch-Apfelwein

I could see if you took liquid smoke and added it AW in the 2ndary or a bottling bucket. It would be better in a AW made w/ sweet mead yeast though.


Take some boiled lava rock, put it in a smoker basket. Smoke it w/ some apple or cherry wood. ~10-15 minutes. Then add to a 2ndary and syphon over the rocks. Let'r sit for 2-3 weeks...

I think the liquid smoke would be easier and less risky for infections.
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I heard a story that when some Somerset cider workers had finished the batch of a particularly delicious cider, on cleaning out the tank they found a dead rat!
Since then they have been adding a chunk of meat and reckon the putrefaction factor is what makes the wonderful taste!!

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Why not just wrap a slice of bacon around the glass as you drink it. then you can choose to pork out or not.


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Seabee John
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this thread still alive??? haven't you had enough?...we all know apfelwein is better when fermented with fish anyway. I love my 07 Walleypfelwein hmmmm chewy goodness!
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Originally Posted by jmendez29 View Post
Mom was right. Never argue with an idiot. They just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Where's my beer. I know I left it around here somewhere.....
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