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I am curious if anyone with direct experience can shed some light on this. I was wondering what the life cycle of the root system is like.

How much does the rhizome expand? I assume the root system grows horizontally (or do they grow vertically?) , but how much do they expand from the original rhizome?

I read it is recommended to plant 2-3 feet apart. Can different strains then be grown right next to each other without their root system becoming entangled?

One last question, how long (in years) do they produce? Thanks!

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1. they grow both, the horizontal will make 2-3ft while vertical can go -15ft

2 the 2-3 ft distance is for like plants if you use different cultivars it grows to 5 ft spacing

3. commercially is 10- or less depending on type for max production. however some rootstock has been documented to 50 yrs

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Last year I ordered a Willamette rhizome and planted it in a 3 gallon pot. I transfered it to a 5 gallon pot a few days ago to allow it to expand and the root ball was at least 1.5 ft wide. I was very impressed since I had done the same the previous year with a cascade and it had not grown quite as much.

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Well I've managed to dig up this info from freshops.com

"Plant 1 rhizome per hill with the buds pointed up and cover with 1 inch of loose soil. Hills should be spaced at least 3 feet apart if the hills are of the same variety and 5 feet apart if they are different. " I think it is recommended that different varieties are 7 feet apart, but 5 will do if space is limited.

I have also read that the root systems get pretty extensive, one site mentioning their roots branching out 5-6 feet. Any other info is welcome!

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The main concerns in spacing hops are tangling the bines as they grow, the sidearms can run 2-4 feet and being certain what comes up next year is what you planted. A very vigorous hop could put out roots into another plant's territory and take over the space. (My Fuggle & Cascades are real pains) Many home growers will cut around each plant in early sprint (about 1-2 feet out) & remove the extra roots. A really great idea is to sink a bottomless 5 gallon bucket around each plant to act as a barrier.

Most of the pros that drip irrigate have gone to a 3x14 spacing. Less hose and more working room between rows. They don't have to worry about mixing, as they never grow two varieties in the same field. Others use a 7x7 spacing.

I haven't seen anything on the dwarfs, yet.

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