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Sir Humpsalot
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Nov 2006
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I used to smoke cigars, but I am poor and they get expensive. I'm hoping I will enjoy the pipe just as much.

I just acquired a pipe. And I smoke it from time to time. I like it. I am presently seeking out tobaccos that I think I will like. Got a sampler pack on its way right now...
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Jun 2007
The "Ville"
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I used to. As far as less expensive, I want to say Captain Black in a white pouch was pretty good for cheap.

It was available at most grocery stores.
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Orange whip?
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Apr 2007
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I used to as well and +1 for Capt. Black.

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Jun 2007
Bloomington, IN
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I have a local cigar shop that sells their own blends of tobacco and it's mighty tastey. I think they sell the stuff for like 3.50 per ounce, it last forever and is the best stuff I can get locally. I'm not a huge pipe smoker, but I know what I like. Have you checked around for local stores?
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Jun 2007
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I'm primarily a cigar smoker, but I've delved into pipes and have a small pipe collection. A couple Savinellis, Petersons, and a church warden I love. I even have a couple clays that smoke surprisingly well. I worked in a high-end tobacco shop for a few years (one day a week) and got into blending my own pipe tobaccos from the bulk stuff. It was pretty cool to have customers come in and ask for my blend! The stores that sell bulk really all come from many of the same sources. One of the big ones is Lane. 1Q is one of their most popular blends and tobacconists call these blends whatever they make up. Lane makes a very aromatic one called BCA (straight black cavendish) which is delicious. I lean more towards the English blends. Dunhill 965 is good, but there's nothing like a fresh Dunhill Nightcap in my church warden!

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Jun 2006
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I have a nice glass crack pipe. I don't use it much anymore, but I think it classes up the joint to have it around.
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Steel Comma Ale & Lagery
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I actually perfer smoking a pipe rather than a cigar. An added benefit is that pipe smoke smells a whole lot better than cigar smoke IMO.
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Originally Posted by Sir Humpsalot
I used to smoke cigars, but I am poor and they get expensive. I'm hoping I will enjoy the pipe just as much.

I just acquired a pipe. And I smoke it from time to time. I like it. I am presently seeking out tobaccos that I think I will like. Got a sampler pack on its way right now...
I smoke Pipe's once in a while, I like McClelland Dark Star it is a very smooth taste and nice aroma. Give it a try I think I Payed 13.00 for my tin at a smokehouse here.

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Jul 2007
Garland Texas
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I too used to smoke only cigars but after getting a few pipes I relly fell in love with it. Pipes definatly need more care and attention to get a proper smoke but thats what I like about it so much, is being able to fiddle with it.

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