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Default Curious about a brew

My brother and his wife are deeply involved with beer making. I visited them this past weekend and sampled some exceptional home brews. I would like some imput on an idea my brother and I came up with for a very special brew. So here is the question......

Would it be illegal to use the ashes of someone (cremation) to brew beer? I know this sounds sort of morbid but we believe it would perpetuate the soul of the deceased into his/her family and friends. We do believe that by making a beer with the ashes, that person becomes a part of the drinkers and is forever with us.

We would, of course, inform any friends/family of what we did before any drinking would occur. My family is behind us but maybe not all of our friends. So we would give them the choice.

Tell me what you think. We are not crackpots and we truly believe that this is a good idea.


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Default Interesting Question

I'm not sure of the exact answer to your question. But you could start by checking with someone who is familiar with state laws and federal laws. It might fall under "estate and will planning" as a section of law...but that's just a guess.

Welcome to the forum. Interesting first post you entered with....

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Of all the random weird threads that I could have stumbled upon...

Zobiebrau anyone?

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Well there, Joe, Whatever blows your hair back...

Since you wouldn't be selling said beer to the general public, I don't think you have a problem, but I can't say that it would be a good idea.

This is an assumption, but I would imagine said person passed recently? I would let this idea sit for a few months or longer then re-visit it when you're not quite so emotional. If I'm waaaay off base here I apologize.

Maybe honor that person with a slick name for the beer?
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That is a little different, and not really something I would want to do, (or drink) but it sounds like a cool way to honor someone you care about. +1 on a warning, I'd be fairly annoyed at finding out after the fact. Might want some good labeling or controlled storage, it'd be a pisser to accidentely drink the last "grampa"
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As a practical matter...have you ever seen cremains (the ashes of a cremated person)? Not to be gross or anything but...there tend to be various-sized chunks of bone in there, and the ashes themselves are gritty, black, and heavy-not a light powder by any means. I can't imagine a way that you could even add it to be beer where it wouldn't just precipitate back out, unless maybe you're talking about adding a pinch to the batch as kind of a symbolic gesture? Because that would probably be fine.

EDIT: As far as I know (law student at the end of first year) there's no trouble you can get into for doing stuff with cremains unless obviously you steal them or whatever.
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If someone is willing to do this, i have a hard time believing they're going to care whether it's legal or not.
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I make a cream stout called Larry Allen stout in memory of one of my fallen friends.Theres no chunks of him in there,but everyone toasts with one on the anniversary of his death.Not trying to be insencitive,But you don't need a part of the dead person to honor them.That is what cannibals in the amazon do.
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cant be any legal issues but why just why. grandpa sure made a good beer.
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I think you are fine legally. If it is something that you would like to do and your family is behind you I suppose go for it. Otherwise brew something strong that you can dedicate to your family member and open up one a year on their birthday or something to celebrate their life.

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