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Feb 2008
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So i Just ordered a cali common steam ale extract kit. (it will be my second ever batch!)(im hooked) Does anybody with a little more experience have any suggestions for keeping everything on track (especially with steam ale)?

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Dec 2007
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I just did a partial mash steam beer a week and a half ago using a Wyeast Activator smack pack Cali Common Yeast. I'm fermenting it at the low end of temp range for that yeast 57-59F. So I'm going to let it go a little longer in primary than my last couple ales. I'll probably take a gravity reading tomorrow to see where I'm at.

Depending on the yeast you are using, just watch the fermentation temp range.
I plan on sticking mine in secondary for 2 weeks and then I'll keg it and cold condition it for 3 more weeks.

Hopefully someone that's brewed one of these before will chime in with more tips for you.

Good Luck!
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Professor Frink
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Sep 2006
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Ferment it on the cool side for ales (around 60-65), other than that, it's just like a regular ale.
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Old 02-21-2008, 02:39 AM   #4
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Jan 2005
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it's supposed to be a lager style fermented on the high side. i think of brewing a pale lager in the desert during the gold rush, with no way to control fermentation temps. then you tap it, and drink it.
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Jan 2008
winnabow, nc
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i kept my fermentation around 65 and it bubble away for a week and a half. its bottle conditioning now but from the samples its great.
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Old 02-21-2008, 03:07 PM   #6
Mar 2007
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My basement's been cool-so it fermented at about 57-62 degrees...and it took a while longer than normal ales. I think it was in the primary for 5 weeks-then bottled. Just coming around now, but it's really tasty.

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Old 02-21-2008, 06:10 PM   #7
Feb 2008
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cool thanks dudes

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Nov 2007
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I do mine at 65 degrees and let it age a little long than My other brews. Man I love Steam.

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Maniacally Malty
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Apr 2007
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San Francisco Lager Yeast at around 60*F temps is the way to go for a steam beer! I've got one right now that i added some chocolate malt too. i think i need to rack that puppy this weekend

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Feb 2006
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Steam is one of my favorite beers to make. This is making me thirsty. There is something about all those Northern Brewers and the bready yeast that rings my bell!
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