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Jan 2008
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I just dump the entire MLT into my backyard near our pond and the geese eat the grain....leaving behind about 10 lbs of geese crap (free yard fertilizer!). I have to change where I dump the grain everytime so I don't step in goose crap. Then I set aside the MLT until the boil is done and use the water coming out of my IC to hose down/rinse out the MLT.

How does everyone else do it?

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Nov 2007
Halifax, Canada
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My city has curbside organics pick-up. It makes my life easier. Cleaning out the MLT, we just leave it outside until it freezes and chip out the grain, then throw it in the green bin. The neighbours don't approve of this practice, especially because we often chip out the grain at 4 in the morning.
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Sep 2006
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Being an apartment dweller I don't have the option of composting. So I just scoop the grains out after they've cooled a bit and put them into the bin. I save the warm water discharged from my CFC for cleaning everything when I'm done.
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Mar 2006
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When we lived in the country I put them outside for the deer to eat. Now, in the 'burbs, I run them down the disposal. 3/4 HP does the job nicely.

Clean out the MLT? Hose it out and scrub with a drop of dishwashing detergent. It's very easy if you do it SOON. Experience has taught if you wait it is quite stinky due to the lactobacteria.
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Oct 2006
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I usually put the spent grain down the garburator but last week when I was brewing my belgian wit, I jammed up the sink. I had to call Mr. Rooter for an unplug. It took him 5 hours to unjam it as the blockage was 45 feet down from my apartment. Total bill.......$683.24!!! That is an expensive batch of homebrew! Now I am just going to start throwing the grain out.
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Feb 2008
Spotsylvania, VA
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Advice from a plumber... DON'T PUT THAT STUFF DOWN THE DISPOSAL!!!

Unless, of course, you WANT to pay the overtime rates!

Once the grains pass through the disposal, it is essentially paste. If it doesn't clog the drain right away, it deposits a nice layer of the stuff inside the pipes. Compare it to a clogging artery, eventually you'll have a heart attack. In this case, the heart attack is a backup, and the actual heart attack comes when I give you my bill for snaking your drain.
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Jul 2006
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I just spread the grain out on my lawn like lawn seed and what the birds dont eat just gets mixed into the soil. cleaning the mash tun... UH..... water
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Dec 2007
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I second Hagen.

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Feb 2008
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Grain in the compost pile.
Hops in the trash.
Used beer in the toilet
Water to rinse out the MLT with oxyclean every so often

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Feb 2007
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Compost pile for the spent grains. The stuff seems to be an accelerator for the composting.
I'll also chime in on not using the garbage disposal. That stuff will eventually clog up something and I doubt it is doing any favors to the sewer plant.

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