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I am workign up a recipe for a Pilsnerwine, or Imperial Pilsner depending on your point of view. I lifted it from Mosher's _Radical Brewing_ book. So far I got the 4# of Rice Syrup solids, then I hit the beer store for a sampler pack.

I am not a certified beer judge, I am just some random dude.

Pilsner Urquell and Stella Artois missed the sampler pack because I feel pretty familiar with them. I admire both brews, but I find the hop finish on both kinda, mmm, harshish.

Back of the class this trip was Czechvar and El Salvador Centenario. Both were significantly undercarbed for style. I am happy to try either again, though I _suspect_ I will find the Centenario overbalanced towards malt even once properly carbed. I think the Budvar has a lot of potential, look forward to trying that one again.

Drinkable, midpack:

#4 Bitburger To me was just forgetable. Beautifully balanced, excellent head, just kinda blah. I mean why spend 50k on a Jaguar Xk when you can get a used Camaro for 12k? The Camaro si basically the same car, only it has more power and will score chicks into you for something besides your wallet.

#3 Konig Pilsner overblanaced to malt for my taste. otherwise all around excellent.

I just realized the Konig and Bitburger bottles are as similar as St. Pauli is to Beck's and was reminded of General Marshall.

Two thumbs up

#2 Trumer Pils I hate green bottles, but I at least like everything else about this beer. I loved the head, the lace was fantastic, good hop aroma. I'll order one of these anywhere, but if the first is skunked I won't order anymore.

#1 Paulaner everything the trumer has, but it comes in a brown bottle. Extra dry, light, dry and crisp. Minimal hop flavor between excellent bitterness and strong hop aroma.

I'll be aiming for the Paulaner this weekend.

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I would agree that Trumer Pils is a great example of a Pils. On draft it's even better.
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Check out this website. This place night give you what you're looking for...

Mucho high ABV

" New link"

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