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Dec 2007
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I recently made a Cherry Wheat, used the recipe a local brew store supplied. And for the cherry flavoring, I added a small .125 oz bottle of concentrated cherry flavor. It was alright, but the cherry taste was somewhat artificial to me.

What do you guys do to add a certain fruit flavor? Diced Fruits? A Puree? Concentrated Flavoring? Also could you just add a kool aid packet? lol

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Jan 2008
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I'm curious for this one too. I'm looking to add a lot of extra banana kick to a hefewiezen and was wondering what and at what time would be the best to add some variation of banana flavoring.

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Got Trub?
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I don't make fruit beers but have heard that the Oregon fruit purees are the way to go. Some of the artificial flavors are better then others - and I believe cherry is one of the worst...

Another trick I have heard is to use the purees or real fruit and then do a final adjustment of the flavour with the artificial stuff if needed.


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Nov 2007
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I have never made a fruit beer because I dont like them, However I have seen pretty promenent members on here suggest real fruit cut up and put into the secondary.

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Aug 2006
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You should listen to the Jamil Show on fruit beers. He claims to have made 3 versions of the same fruit beer and flavored with the Oregon fruit puree, one with real fruit, and one with extract then had the crew at B3 sample it. The results were that the puree was the best.

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I like using real fruit only, not that Oregon/puree isn't real fruit, but I like using real fresh fruit.
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Aug 2005
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I've made a number of them (check the recipe under my signature). I like using fresh fruits but there are things to consider. Extracts seem to hold their flavor better while real fruit flavors will evolve more. Real fruits give you nice colors while extracts do not. And I feel like there is a certain artificiality in the extract flavors - hard to pin down.

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Old 02-18-2008, 04:34 PM   #8
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Jan 2007
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Could we make this a poll? Extract, Real/Frozen Fruit, or Puree. Planning a Blackberry Hefe and I'd like to gather the general consensus. I've only ever used the extract and I wasn't real pleased with the results.
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Old 02-18-2008, 05:19 PM   #9
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Dec 2007
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Here is one more vote for real fruit only!

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Mar 2007
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Real fruit puree in the secondary worked well for me. It did not have a "fake" flavor like artificial flavoring does and it was a subtle aftertone instead of an overpowering fruit flavor, just like I wanted.

I pureed peaches and held it at about 160F for 10 minutes or so to pasteurize it. Put that in secondary and it took off like crazy. Make sure you have a blowoff tube!

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