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Hi, I'm completely fresh, but I've just finished reading the 3rd edition of Complete Joy of Homebrewing, as well as read all the sites I could find online for about two weeks. After my research, I have a few matters to bring up for clarification..
a. What's the advantage of bottling in glass over bottling in plastic? And why are twist caps bad? Is it absolutely necessary to bottle in glass?
b. Is there a place where I can get a large glass container for the brew to carbonate if plastic is not an option? I found this site, that offers glass gallon jugs but they have twist caps.
That's it for now, thanks in advance

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I use secondaries. :p
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glass is easier to clean and less permeable by air. that's why it is preferred.

as for twist-off caps... if you are talking about twist off GLASS bottles, they aren't suggsted because they will break easier (the glass at the tip of the neck where you will crimp caps on is VERY thin due to the threads molded into the glass.) I've also heard that they don't seal as well because of the threads, but I don't know for certain if that is true.

those 1 gallon glass jugs might work for conditioning the beer... IF they can stand the pressure build up that the carbonation will exert.


edit: there are a handful of people here that DO bottle in plastic. they simply re-use plastic soda bottles, twist the caps on, and let nature take its course. i've not heard any complaints from them about this. for me, it's a personal thing. I like glass bottles of my beer. I just collect used bottles from store-bought beer, clean them, and then fill them with my own stuff.

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Hi, Green newborn baby sh*t man!
As Walker stated - plus I doubt any of those gallon containers would cope with carbonation safely. Don't use them for that.

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I like the 22 oz bottles myself

go to beer dist. and buy back the $1.50 ($1.50 for 24 bottles!!) 16 oz returnables and clean them up good. hard to come buy so call around. they are a little rough at times from usage but I think it adds to the character of the beer. I have 10 cases of genny empties this way!

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Good ideas.

I needed some more bottles so stopped by the local recycling center over lunch. Asked if it was OK to snag glass bottles and they were like "Certainly!". I was just asking and was going to come back when I had more time, but they gave me a plastic bin and pointed me to some helpful tools if needed. Grabbed 2 dozen (tossed a few back...too much growing inside) popped them in the trunk. Mostly Sam Adams bottles...I plan to go back again.

Like many have posted, if you go with glass you can at least bottle one in plastic to test (squeeze) for decent carbonation.


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I've always bottled in plastic beer bottles for convenience, and used Grolsh-type glass bottles as controls. I can say that after 6 months, there is no difference between the two. I will slowly move to glass for the presentational element, and I might use it for show-beer, but the daily comes out of Mylar, no problem.

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