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Anti-depressants imho. They will sell us anything.. heck they sold us children's cold medicine for 30 years and it does nothing
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Jamaica is an excellent example of how well gun control works.

They started an Orwellian gun control move to curb violence in early 1970's.

How well has that worked?

2005 Jamaica had the highest murder rate of any country in the World. They usually rank about third.

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Originally Posted by srm775
Exactly ... blaming the media for something like this, is akin to blaming the Remington model 870 shotgun that Stephen Kazmierczak used for killing 5 NIU students. It's just not a logical conclusion.
I agree, but it does play a role and I don't think anyone can deny that. The effect it has is dependent on many things including (but not limited to) the state of mind of the individual, the circumstances, etc. The list goes on and on.

But nobody can convince me that things like mimicing the gangsta lifestyle isn't going on (although this is a different topic, but related). I am personally not defending any individual who commits a horror such as the one that occured, but merely saying that there is always a reason that leads people to a given situation. Some can be controlled, while others cannot. And I wholeheartedly agree that one should always be responsible for one's own actions. Just wanted to clarify my personal stance
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the problem with using psychiatric history and such is where is the line drawn. ive never seen a psych-doc but i am on a anti-depressant. not cause im depressed, the doc prescribed it as a sleeping pill cause the regular sleeping pills were causing amnesia.....i actually lost most of a month cause my short term memory refused to move to long term memory while i was on one family of sleeping pills. the doc likes using Elavil to help ppl with chronic pain sleep cause you can control the dose from 5mg to 200mg.....granted 200mg would be practically comatosed but the 20-30mg i take at night lets me sleep and has no noticeable side effects, my wife can even wake me up in the middle of the night if need be.

so yah need to be very careful about regulating access to guns based on medical records. if yah just look at the list of meds i take i look like im depressed. also another point just cause someone is having problems with depression at one time doesnt mean they will be depressed for the rest of their life............

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The big news stories, the one about mass and multi murder are sensationalistic, and don't represent the VAST majority of gun murders in the country: Gang and Drug crime.

The big news stories are often touted as a reason for the gun laws, but they are not. They represent a small fraction of all gun crime. They are done by lunatics, who are completely over the edge. Sorry to say, you can't stop that from happening.

I'm completely with EdW on this. I live in MI, and we have ccw laws in place. I own... 8 guns or so, many passed down from my grandfather and father (rest their souls), including a .308 Savage 1899C from 1908, a 12Ga. Lever action from before that, my dad's .06 deer rifle, several .22s for small game and targeting, and a civil war replica New Army Revolver cap and ball (built a kit, it was fun).

What this country needs is not more gun control, but more people control. I don't mean more laws restricting people, I mean parents who act like parents. Who give a damn about their kids, the neighbors kids, and their friends' kids. Who will help guide kids to doing what is right and honest, and who know when they make a mistake, they are responsible, and will stand up and take their punishment like a man (or woman).

There is too much greed today. Frivolous lawsuits have given people an entitlement attitude, until it has permeated our society. People need to stop thinking the world owes them anything, and come to the conclusion that, "Hey, life sucks sometimes, but it's up to me to make a difference."

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Jan 2008
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Originally Posted by Homercidal
. I own... 8 guns or so, many passed down from my grandfather and father (rest their souls), including a .308 Savage 1899C from 1908, a 12Ga. Lever action from before that, my dad's .06 deer rifle, several .22s for small game and targeting, and a civil war replica New Army Revolver cap and ball (built a kit, it was fun).
not to pick nits but i do believe your Savage 1899C is in 300 Savage.....not 308....the 308 didnt come out till 1952 .................................sorry, im a gun loony and cant help myself

i agree with yah though.......most these big news shootings were done by someone going over the edge......short of locking every person up in a paded room yah cant protect yourself from such a thing........if they dont use a gun they will use a bomb, or a baseball bat or an ax or a car or whatever........once they set out to kill ppl there is no stopping them other than to kill them..........

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