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Old 02-12-2008, 08:05 PM   #11

Went to the one in Orland Park, near Chicago. The beer was okay and the food was not bad - a 6 on a scale of 1-10. But the hostess service was abismal. Said hostess told us that it would be a 15 min wait. After 30 mins. I checked with said hostes who claimed she told me "50 mins.", not 15. About 90 mins. passed at the bar and we noticed people coming and then getting paged for their tables, yet we still had no table. My fiancee finally got a bartender to get the manager. We were offered big apologies and got comped on the entrees.

Overall, there are too many better places for good beer and food in the area. We haven't been back.

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I've been to the one in donwtown Indianapolis. It was a long time ago. I remember being fairly impressed with the beers. The bartender had a very good grip on the beers there. I do rememeber getting half popped just sampling beers before I ever paid for one. I think the bartender was just happy to share his knowledge with someone who could actually have an intelligent conversaion with him. The place was noisy and packed and every body was drinking BMC. Overall, I would definitely go back. The food was excellent also.

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+1 on Minneapolis. I haven't been to the Cincinnati on since they got their new brewmaster. The one in Bethesda, MD is outstanding, or at least was a few years back. They have consistently won awards with their beers in competition. I had a good brown ale and stout there.
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It's not a bad franchise IMHO...I guess it's left to chance what wait staff you end up with, and how busy the place is. The beers are pretty cookie-cutter most of the time, but IIRC, I went there on my birthday 3 months ago and they were serving real-ales (a vanilla oak porter....good....but WAY too much vanilla) and barleywines. I imagine it's all about the brewmaster and what kind of leash they keep him on. I do like the atmosphere long as it's not packed

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One visit, three weak beers, including the absolute worst example of a cask-conditioned beer I've ever tasted. A little like sour-dough sponge. One of three craft beers I've dumped after tasting. Drank the other two, only because it was snowing hard & there wasn't any other place withing walking distance.
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Old 02-15-2008, 05:34 PM   #16
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I like the one in charlotte. The head brewer made an excellent porter a couple of months ago. Since I was running low on my own stock, he filled one of my cornies for $40. Not a bad price for 5 gallons of a beer I knew would not last long at home.

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The Rock Bottom in Bethesda, MD. is OK IMHO. The beer was OK I guess and the food was was above average. They have VERY good ribs. The Rock Creek Pale Ale was pretty good. SWMBO and I took my parents there and they were so impressed that they are going to have our Rehearsal Dinner there. Not a bad place for a Rehearsal Dinner, minus the fact that i cannot get destroyed since I am getting married the next day! Damn!
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Feb 2008
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Originally Posted by Rhoobarb
Went to the one in Orland Park, near Chicago.
I was at this one myself maybe last Nov. for the first time...
Shop was very crowded on that Sat. evening and there was approx. +/-45 minute wait for our table. But we shimmied up to the bar and had a few while waiting. I was pretty impressed with the amount of beer that was being poured and that the service was pretty good toboot.
I enjoyed the "powerhouse ale"...and brought a growler home of it.
Also the "lumpy dog" was alright and my g/f also tried a seasonal that had nice hints of banana.
Anyway...the apps were good but I had some steak entree that really was not worth the money.
I'll be going back there again to re-assess....will probably be at the Milwaukee location next month as we'll be staying at a hotel right near it for the Ratdog show!
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Old 02-20-2008, 02:32 AM   #19
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Originally Posted by citabria
I had been to two of the Rock Bottom Breweries in Denver on several occasions. They were okay. I never thought much of their beer. Then, several months ago a new Rock Bottom opened up in our neck of the woods, north of Denver in Loveland. The beer at this location was noticeably good. Excellent staff and good food as well. A few weeks ago I was at private tasting and learned from the brew master that, allegedly, the Rock Bottom chain lets the brewers brew whatever they want. There is no set recipe list and the beers and quality vary immensely from location to location.

Tonight I am going to my second free tasting. I am a little ashamed that a chain restaurant is becoming my favorite local brewpub but what can I say... the beer is great and it's close to home! What's the Rock Bottom beer like in your location? Do you like it or hate it?
The on on the northside of Indy is actually pretty good. They usually have 7-8 of their beers (about 4 of which are interesting or good), but they always have something on a nitro, and TWO cask ales. They had an English IPA on the cask once, and I really liked it a lot. Very different from the hoppity hopped american IPAs we all love so much.
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Old 02-25-2008, 08:44 PM   #20
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I have only been to the King of Prussia Mall Location (near Philly). Its OK, enjoyed a few beers, but i certainly wasn't blown away by any. It gets lost in all of the other good spots in the area.

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