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Originally Posted by Donasay
Bleach and the active ingredient in oxyclean on a chemical level shouldn't directly interact with each other. Bleach does interact with organic material differently at different Ph levels, a more acidic solution releases more cholorine ion's and allows it to clea a little better. I don't know if the oxyclean can in some way alter the Ph of the water if it does that would affect the bleach, best to be safe and not mix them...
Maybe I'm talking straight from me arse right now, but I thought I remembered the oxyclean bucket saying to not use both in your laundry...
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LOL... how about adding water to acid. I remember our science teacher going ON AND ON AND ON about how one should NEVER add water to acid. One of my classmates forgot his lesson and found out the hard way. It flash boiled, splashed, he wiped his hands on his jeans, went to the bathroom, washed his hands with more water, then came running back into the room when the acid started burning his hands, jeans, AND legs. IEEE IEE IEEEE!!!!
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That's funny. I don't remember you in my Chemistry class.

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^ haha that made me laugh.

As to the question about oxyclean + bleach, the box definitely says not to mix it. "DO NOT MIX WITH PRODUCTS CONTAINING AMMONIA OR CHLORINE BLEACH." It's in capitals and all. I'd listen to it.

But sirsloop makes a good point. Even mixing just water with some chemicals can be a bad idea. What's the moral of the story? Just follow the directions on the box! All of this business about PBW + bleach + vinegar + starsan + who knows what else always makes me nervous.

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Ok, you don't "rinse" anything with "bleach"

Bleach is a cleaner/sanitizer that MUST be rinsed with hot water after its used.

Would not mix oxyclean and bleach. Rinse Oxyclean with warmish water. Nothing fancy.
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For any of you young pups that forgot, the Boche used to mix bleach and ammonia back in 1918. Inside artillery shells. The product of the union is called phosgene gas, and it led to the invention of gas masks.

Do not screw around with this stuff people.

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Well, I knew enough to *not* mix the bleach and Oxyclean before double-checking!

Actually, I did almost ****ered myself the one time with bleach. Kinda sad, actually, we had *just* found out that one of our cats has feline leukemia, so he had to be quarantined (he didn't last long). I was sanitizing all of the cats' stuff, including the litter box, with bleach - without thinking about how much ammonia is in cat pee.

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Also, don't mix powdered chlorine bleach and liquid chlorine bleach. I'm not sure why, but they react with each other and generate a lot of heat.

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Again, thanks for the replies everyone.

Just for clarification again though, I NEVER planned on mixing both oxyclean and bleach. Lol, I'm not sure why the discussion went that direction... I've got plenty of chemistry classes under my belt from fairly recent school, so I know better than to do that. I also know that bleach in itself isnt a rinsing agent, but rather a diluted sanatizer...

My question is more along the lines of: will there be anything left inside those carboys, even after a few hot water rinses, that might interact with ANYTHING in the brewing process...? Residue that wont go away, taste issues, etc...? Just wondering if there is something that I dont know about it. Intuition and my chemistry experience tells me that as long as the glass isnt pitted on the inside somehow (theyre brand new so thats probably not an issue) there shouldnt be any problem.

Just looking for confirmation here.
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That's the nice part about glass. It rinses to a very clean finish. You'll be fine. BTW in the future, you really don't need that much oxyclean. One Quarter of a scoop in a carboy filled with hot water will melt off the goop after about half an hour. You might as well wait and let those bubbles do the work for you. Then scrub if you want (I don't but many do).
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